Kit wall mount Muscle x3 with traction booster

The Muscle x3 kit is the best wall anchor on the market because allows you to stretch any shade sail with great ease. The Muscle x3 wall anchoring kit includes Sturdy square steel plate (10x10cm), 2 D shackles, 1 pulley, 1 pulley with cam cleat, 4 meters of nautical rope It guarantees a very high tension to the sail for greater resistance to wind and...
£42.33 £48.66

Set of 4 threaded rods M12 13 cm

The threaded rods made of galvanized steel M12 have a length of 13 cm and are ideal for fixing the base plates of our poles Alu-Simple- and Ulisse.This complete set consists of: 4 threaded rods M12 with 13 cm length 4 washers 4 screw nuts Perfect for all Maanta poles
£14.20 £15.77

Set of 4 threaded rods M10 12 cm

The threaded rods made of galvanized steel M10 have a length of 12 cm and are ideal for fixing our wall plates .This complete set consists of:     4 threaded rods M10 with 12 cm length     4 washers     4 screw nuts Perfect for all Maanta wall plates
£10.91 £12.12

Kit Anchor Wall Mountings With Tensioner SimplE
INOX o Galvanized Steel

SimplE wall anchor mounting kit with tensioner for shade sails. Includes 1 square plate in stainless or galvanized steel, 1 steel tensioner and 2 steel karabiners. Sturdy square plate in galvanized steel or stainless steel, M8 tensioner and two 60x6 carabiners Superior strength compared to competing products Well spaced and oversized holes to accommodate...
£27.35 £30.39

Universal cleat

This practical Maanta accessory allows you to wrap up to 4 meters of 6mm nautical rope.It is very practical to keep the excess line resulting from Muscle kits in an orderly and aesthetic way.Made of 316 nautical steel, it is robust, design and very practical.It is compatible with both Alu-Simple poles (T-nut to anchor to the lane already included) and...
£21.87 £24.30

Furler kit for Saill and Solaria

The Furler Kit for Saill and Solaria was born from the need to quickly and safely transform our fixed shade sails into furling sails . The kit is complete with furler and conversion adapter kit for Saill and Solaria sails. S-GRIPP technology (eliminates rope slipping) Wide spool : reel with a larger diameter Manual roll-up system (no maintenance) DIY...
£989.10 £1,099.00

Spliced endless line

Endless rope with hand-made splicing, the ideal accessory for Maanta roll-up sails. The Loop technology allows for more comfortable furling thanks to the reduced length of the rope required and together with the new Furl Furler it makes opening and closing the sails even quicker. Available in 6 lengths: from 1 to 4 metres Handmade splicing 8mm diameter...
£25.16 £27.95

Solaria Furl protective cover

The protective cover for the Solaria Furl furling sails is the ideal accessory for winter storage of the furling sail after it has been rolled up and without removing it.It is a practical and quick solution thanks to the increased Velcro and the elastic bands quick release. 4 cm wide velcro Water repellent, stain resistant, mold resistant fabric Side...
£161.10 £179.00

Muscle x3 Pole with traction booster

The Kit Muscle Pole x3 for poles includes T-nut (useful x Alu Simple) 1 male eyebolt   Nylon washer 2 D shackles Pulley Pulley with cam cleat 4 meters of nautical rope It guarantees a very high tension to the sail for greater resistance to wind and waterIt can be installed on our Ulisse and Alu Simple poles.
£32.83 £36.48

SimplE wall anchor kit for shade sails
nautical rope

SimplE wall anchor kit for shade sails. The kit includes: 1 robust square plate in galvanized or stainless steel, 3 mm thick with 4 well-sized holes 2 galvanized  or stainless steel karabiners 2 meters of nautical rope Perfect with threaded rods M10 x 12 cm
£27.35 £30.39

300ml chemical anchoring cartridge M-Plus

Injection mortar and dispenser for the professional installation of wall-mountings and poles with threaded rods. The M-Plus chemical anchor is the ideal solution for fixing the base of poles or anchoring plates to the wall for shade sails using threaded rod kits. Our chemical anchor has no styrene component which makes it environmentally friendly. High...
£16.39 £18.21

Fischer Thermax

Fischer Thermax is the solution for fixing to walls with thermal insulation. This system is specially made for high loads and prevents thermal bridging between the wall and the outside of the insulation. It is used for fixing Muscle x3 and Simple wall plates. Thermax is also ideal for fixing poles with collars to the wall. Available in two sizes, for...
£109.57 £121.74

Seam Sealer
Impermeabilizzante per Cuciture

Il McNett Seam Sealer sigilla le cuciture che iniziano a perdere e gocciolare.E' dotato di una pratica spazzolina che aiuta nella stesura del prodotto.Dopo l'applicazione è necessario lasciar riposare per 12 ore, a tenda aperta. Resistente ai lavaggi, ed al caldo e freddo In grado di riparare piccoli fori Tubo da 28 grammi, specifico per prodotti con...
£16.39 £18.21

Outdoor spotlight Easy Lamp

The Easy Lamp outdoor spotlight is a technical product with an impeccable construction but at the same time practical and aesthetically appreciable.It is made of sturdy aluminum obtained from a single block, has a power of 1200 lumens, is IP66 certified and arrives already wired: simply plug it into the socket and it will be able to immediately illuminate...
£60.24 £66.93

Nautical rope

Specially selected nautical rope for professional fixing of shade sails. Soft, technical, resistant Made in Italy Available in different lengths and colors Accessory easy to use Excellent quality and low price
£3.23 £3.59

Tensioner M6 steel

Two-eye steel tensioner used as a tie-rod to regulate the tension of lines to which static loads are applied (anchoring and tensile structures). Specially selected for shading sails, even large ones Sturdy and resistant over time Adjustable from 160 mm up to 255 mm Work load: 160 kg according to test report UNI EN 10204 with safety factor 4
£5.43 £6.03

Steel carabiner D60

Carabiner in mirror-polished  steel, without eye, with stainless steel spring for shade sails.Superior grade quality.Tested and guaranteed.Measurements: Diameter Ø 6mm Length 60mm Height 9mm
£3.23 £3.59

Silicone gun G2000

Injection mortar and dispenser for the professional installation of wall-mountings and poles with threaded rods. Good quality of the G2000 silicone gun is important when distributing products. The cartridge must be perfectly installed in the gun with the same mixing ratio. The thrust in the center of the bottom of the cartridge must be uniform and...
£16.39 £18.21

Rear bracing system

The Muscle x3 back tensioner is an accessory that will help to give additional stability to the Maanta shade sail poles.With this Muscle x3 kit it’s easy to provide strength and tension to counteract the frontal force of the sail tent.In this way we can increase stability and tension to the whole structure and make it more wind and rain resistant.The kit...
£27.35 £30.39

Easy Ballast
ballast base for shade sail poles

The Easy Ballast base is ideal for fixing our Ulisse and Alu-SimplE shade pole without having to create concrete plinths.The pole can be fixed directly on the Easy Ballast base.The Easy Ballast base must be filled with 50x50cm gravel slabs (not included but easily available on the market)
£332.10 £369.00

Additional M8 eyebolt for Maanta poles

Additional M8 eyebolt for fixing shade sails or accessories our Ulisse and Alu-SimplE poles.Available in versions: 1 Galvanized M8 eyebolt + 2 nylon washers 1 M8 stainless steel eyebolt + 2 nylon washers 1 galvanized M8 eyebolt + 2 nylon washers + 1 T nut (ideal for Alu-SimplE) 1 M8 stainless steel eyebolt + 2 nylon washers + 1 T nut (ideal for Alu-SimplE)
£3.18 £3.53

Bands Set
Bungee ball bands

Bungee ball bands are the ideal solution for keeping eyelet tarpaulins in tension for pergolas, terraces and gazebos. This fastening solution allows for quick release. Combined with tarpaulin buttons,  they are the strongest and most solid method of securing tarpaulin eyelets for pergolas.   Length of 15 cm: ideal for wooden or metal pergolas Elasticity:...
£27.35 £30.39

Button Set
Buttons for pergolas

Nylon buttons to secure eyelet tarpaulins to wooden and metal pergolas. The versatility of using nylon buttons allows them to be anchored in many different positions, achieving stability and strength for pergolas and gazebos. Combined with bungee ball bands, they are the strongest and most solid quick-release fastening method for eyelet tarpaulins....
£10.91 £12.12
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