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Outdoor Roller Shade Easy Roll 2.0 -- Standard Sizes
Retractable screen with arms and hooks

Easy Roll 2.0 is an outdoor roller shade with hooks and arms entirely Made in Italy. It is an economic, practical, fast and minimally invasive solution that can be used on your terrace, balcony or porch. Outdoor roll up shade with arms and floor hooks EasySwitch compatible: transform your roller shade into a clear PVC vinyl shade for the winter. Oversized...
£305.10 £339.00

Reef Roll -- Standard Sizes
Roller Shade with Stainless Steel Wire Guides

Reef Roll is an outdoor roller shade with steel wire guides. It reduces the interior temperature up to 15°C. It is a practical, fast solution that can be applied to porches, pergolas, shop windows, terraces and balconies . Cable guide in stainless steel. Roller with large dimensions and stainless steel fixing brackets . EasySwitch technology : transform...
£332.10 £369.00

Fabric samples
Roller Shades

Experience the innovative technical fabrics that Maanta has specially developed and selected for its premium outdoor roller shades! Purishade® - waterproofRevolutionary waterproof polypropylene fabric, the result of years of development and research.It is made with respect for nature (certified low environmental impact).Find out all the details about this...
£1.10 £1.22


With standard sizes, outdoor roller blinds are affordable again!

In order to be competitive again, many manufacturers save on materials. At Maanta, however, we are able to offer low-priced roller blinds by simply making the product in the many standard sizes.
Take advantage of this opportunity to avoid compromising on quality.

For small terraces we recommend the small size roller shade such as: 200x250; 250x250. For verandas and pergolas the most popular choices are: 300x250 and 400x300.
We have 9 standard sizes in our catalogue, offering over 200 combinations of sizes, models and colours.
But if you have a unique space, you can make your own made-to-measure roller blind.

Budget and affordability is not synonymous with poor quality: why?

Thanks to the meticulous search for high-quality materials, and in-house development of technologies, moulds and dies, Maanta offers a premium product at a small price.
The core of the affordable vertical blinds is made of robust aluminium, making them weatherproof 365 days a year.
Each product is tested over a long period of time before it is marketed, to ensure reliability and durability.

Our Braid5 fabric is made with a polyester core, it is extremely bending-resistant, but also eco-friendly. It helps shield against the heat in summer and insulate the warmth of walls in winter.
Braid5 can reduce energy consumption by up to 33% and block 90% to 96% of UV rays.


No, as we produce all our models in-house they are also available in custom sizes.
However, standard sizes are always available for immediate delivery, such as 400x300, rather than 300x250, 250x250, 300x300, 200x350, and many other combinations...
If you have a shorter length than our standard lengths, don't worry: the excess fabric can remain wrapped in the roll!

In the EasyRoll V2 model, hooks are included in the price.
They are ideal for fixing the awning to the floor or railing and are a must to ensure that the roller shade does not flap in even light breeze.
The distance between the eye holes is 4 cm and the screws are included.

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