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Retractile Roll-Up Sun Shade Sails: Premium Solutions by Maanta

After the success of Saill and Solaria and a great spirit of innovation, the Maanta crew presents its own winding system for shade sails.
From experience in the nautical field comes Solaria Furl, the furling sail that can be closed in less than 30 seconds. Find out more
Unique design, oversized "Wide-Spool", aluminum and 316 stainless steel, are just some of the strengths. Nautical quality at the service of sun sails!

  • Roll-up shade sailwithout roller
  • Manual winding = no maintenance
  • Foldable in 27 seconds
  • Easy to install
  • DIY installation
  • No skilled labor
  • Radial performance with Solaria Furl
  • Delivery in 48/72h

Maanta has presented multiple furling sail solutions over the years, tracing the history we find CoR 2.0 and OmbrelA, the first a shade sail with a rigid boom, made only to measure requiring skilled labor. The second a motorized, automatically folding umbrella with a unique design (only available for purchase to order).


The first patents for Maanta furling sails

Roller shade sails are a category of sails that have entered the market since the 2000s. The original invention is by Gerald Wurz, an Austrian who patented the first industrial model in the late 1990s. But as early as 2006, Andrea Bettega and Marco Bettega, founding partners of Maanta and Bega srl, filed their first version of a roll-up, motorized sail awning.

Several years have passed since then and the product has been evolved according to the different experiences gained. In 2017 and 2018, three products came to life that we consider definitive in this category and they are CoR 2.0, OmbrelA and Solaria Furl.

Solaria Furl, the radial sail that can be rolled up on itself

Based on the quality of nautical products, using 316 stainless steel, high-performance ball bearings and anodized aluminum, a solid, reliable furler, or furler in technical jargon, has been built that can withstand the severe twisting of shade sails even under wind load.

Choose from Solaria Furl standard sizes or configure it online in a few simple steps, the custom-made roll-up sail awning to your home in a few days, even in the middle of the season!

Manual = opening and closing speed
No maintenance = Durability
M-SMOOTH = maximum fluidity, maneuvering within everyone's reach

Marine materials = consistent performance over time
Radial = windproof/rainproof performance
S-GRIPP = Technology that eliminates top slipping

Configure online = delivery in 24/72h
Simple installation = no skilled labor
Don't think about it anymore

Solaria Furl is Maanta's radial furling sail. Its furling system, which is reminiscent of the gennaker furler for sailboats in terms of aesthetics, has been increased in size to support the torsions of a horizontally positioned shade sail.

After months of research, development, and stress testing, the Maanta crew was able to present a uniquely designed product. Designed and developed totally in-house by passionate and experienced people, it guarantees a smoothness and simplicity of furling that is unmatched. The WIDE SPOOL, the furling reel has an increased diameter, this allows the sail to be opened and closed with less effort and faster.

Certain details in the construction make it possible, such as the S-GRIPP technology, to ensure that the line does not slip in the hollow if the sail load is very high. As trivial as it may seem, a nautical sail with a normal furler, does not work horizontally, but vertically, and is supported by the wind which loads much less bearings and the whole structure.

Why choose a furler sail awning?

A fixed sail is certainly cheaper, but in high winds it could create damage to anchorages if not unhooked. The FURLER Maanta allows you to furl the sail on itself, It will take less than 30 seconds to close the tent, and the sail will no longer have lift. Cutting down the furling time was a goal in the development of the furler; we have succeeded because of the leaded loop line. There will be no need for winches, cranks or meters and meters of line that then have to be furled.

The reclosable system is also preferred for those who need to close the sail for long periods without necessarily removing it, washing it, drying it and storing it in a dry place. By closing the sail in winter for example, the fabric will be less susceptible to weather, less wear and tear equals more durability.

Solaria Furl is preferred by whom:

  • Has a club and wants to secure sails during closing hours
  • Has a second home doesn't want to have the thought in case of a storm
  • Wants to enjoy sunshine view but at the same time be flexible and close in very few seconds
  • Wants to optimize the durability of the sail during the winter period

The furling system is applied only for radial sails, Solaria Furl is available in both standard and custom sizes.

Technical specifications of the winding system

Furler Maanta

Furler nautical or commercial


Aluminum and 316 stainless nautical steel



Increased stainless steel 40mm

Standard 20 mm

Passacima Quarry



Coiling top

Increased nautical rope 8mm

Standard 6 mm


Maanta exclusive design

Standard perforated

Configure online, click here

How to measure and configure a roll-up sail awning

Configuring and making this type of sail is simple, there are two methods.

The first is to take measurements from the anchor points, let's take an example: we have a square area to cover, we take measurements from the anchors, marking as side AB the first side, distance from B to anchor C the second side and so on. By entering the measurements into the configurator with this option, the sail size will be recalculated for the anchors to have working space.

The second method is to indicate the sides of the sail, and not from the anchor points, the system will then NOT calculate any resizing necessary for tensioning the sides.

In both methods it is necessary to remember that CA will always be the side or diagonal of sail furling.

For more on how to measure, click here.

CoR 2.0 the furling sail with boom

CoR 2.0 stands at the pinnacle of roll-up sail awnings: its circuit of lines connects to CtR, a patented system that maintains a constant, modular tension on the cover fabric. The benefits of this invention are countless: a tensioned fabric fights better against wind gusts, drains rainwater better, and provides greater security.

As a result of this, we are able to build larger, up to 70-square-meter (when competitors go up to 50) and safer roll-up shade sails. Each CoR 2.0 is one-of-a-kind and is custom-built and made to order. The advantages of CoR 2.0 do not exceed those of Solaria Furl and require more careful installation, almost by skilled labor. For this reason, CoR 2.0 is increasingly less publicized and in demand. It broadens the range of fabrics available, ranging from the best nautical Dacron, specially chosen by the world manufacturer that ensures better UV resistance, to the technological Weathermax from the wide color range, capable of lowering the temperature by 37% under cover.

CoR 2.0 unlike the Solaria Furl roll-up shade sails, is motorized by Somfy, the world's leading manufacturer. It is equipped with a special Somfy anemometer that controls the automatic closing of the fabric if excessive wind is detected.

Indicative prices

Our furling sails are custom designed and manufactured. Final prices depend on the size of the sail, type of anchors and accessories chosen.

Some examples of prices:

A 30sqm Cor 2.0 furling sail system costs from approx. €14,000, a 60sqm sail costs from approx. €17,000.

The following chart shows the approximate price for the various sizes that can be realized:

OmbrelA the roll-up umbrella

Then among the roll-up sail awnings we also include OmbrelA. This garden umbrella is fully motorized.

Its special features lie in its design, which is reminiscent of the classic desk lamp, and in its innovative integrated solutions. The mast is translatable and the furling boom is tilting: the combination of these elements leads to the fact that the shade cone is adjustable and can effectively protect against sun and wind, in any condition.

In case of excessive wind, OmbrelA will close by itself thanks to anemometer detection and automatic pulse to the Somfy motor, installed as standard. Thanks to the precise design these cantilever retractable shade sails reach up to 24 square meters, compared to the maximum 17 covered by competing retractable umbrellas.

Maanta, along with Solaria Furl the best choice for retractable sail awnings.


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