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Alu Simple
Pole for shade sails with variable height

Alu Simple is the pole with front and rear lanes designed to adjust the height and tilt of shade sails while maintaining constant tension and a weather-resistant structure. Alu Simple is 2,9 m high and is resistant to high winds, rust and salt spray. It is designed to last even in areas with particularly unfavorable weather conditions.  Rust and saltiness...
£440.10 £489.00

Sail pole with 6 anchor points

Ulisse, the shade sail pole that combines strength, design and functionality. Made with elliptical steel design, offers unparalleled bending resistance compared with round poles. It is a practical and safe solution that finds application for all Maanta sails. Thanks to the 6 anchor points, Ulisse allows a good shadow cone adjustment. Elliptical steel 101...
£259.56 £309.00

EZ Pole
Post for shade sails with 4 anchoring points

EZ Pole is the steel post for shade sails with 4 anchorage points and 80° inclination. EZ Pole is 260 cm high and, thanks to its 70 mm diameter and included upwind tie rod, it is the ideal solution for securing multiple shade sails even in very windy areas. Its 80-degree inclination not only adds a modern touch to the design, but also offers greater...
£175.77 £189.00


There are many removable shade sail poles on the market. But are they really safe?
At Maanta, we offer strong and safe shade sail poles, without compromising on design and aesthetics.

Poles are the main support of your shaded area. They must be strong and durable 365 days a year. That is why we at Maanta select only the best materials for our shade poles: aluminium and stainless steel.

  • Ulisse: made of stylish elliptical steel, it provides incomparable strength and bending resistance compared to any other pole on the market. The slender yet sinuous profile is a perfect match for shade sails.
  • Alu Simple: made of powder-coated aluminium, combines exclusive design with resistance to rust and salt. Its design inspired by the nautical world will impress you.

Maanta poles are available in several finishes to suit every need: galvanised steel, anthracite, silver.

Poles with a ground base can be installed on:

  • concrete plinth of recommended dimensions 60x60x60
  • concrete surface at least 15 cm thick
  • ballast bases

Wall-mounted poles, on the other hand, are designed to be anchored to perimeter walls and terraces at least 45 cm high!

All of our poles come complete with the mounting accessories and hardware needed to safely install your shade sail.

In addition to hardware and a solid ground base, each pole comes with an exclusive Muscle x3 Pole Kit, Maanta's unique anchoring system that triples the tension force applied to the corner of the sail, for extreme strength and tension!

Installation is very simple, no skilled hands required!

Poles catalogue

MaantA Shade Sail Poles

COLOURS Silver - Anthracite Steel  - Anthracite Steel
FIXING POINTS Unlimited 4 front + 2 back from 1 to 3
BASE INCLUDED yes yes no
SAIL FASTENING INCLUDED Muscle x3 included Muscle x3 included not included
PRICE OF COMPLETE KIT less than € 300 less than € 180 € 250/300
  Product sheet Alu-Simple Product sheet Ulisse


  • The resistance against tension. A shade sail, especially a large one, applies a force of around 45-50 kg. A good anchorage must therefore be able to withstand not only the strain of the sail, but also weather conditions such as wind and water. On the other hand, the sun sail posts found on the market are very cheap, but not very strong. With a diameter of just a few centimetres, tensioning a sail is impossible. This compromises not only the outcome of the project, but also the safety of the structure itself.  
  • Maanta  poles are highly functional. Thanks to our technology, we have designed poles that allow the shade sails to be tilted as required.
    Alu-Simple, our premium high-strength aluminium pole has two lanes for multi-sail anchoring. Ulisse, made of galvanised steel, has 6 anchoring points. This means you can get shade at any time of day, even when the sun is going down. And, especially for waterproof shade sails, a good inclination is a fundamental condition to allow water to drain away and to protect from rain!

The difference between the 75° and 90° poles is purely aesthetic. Note, however, that with a 75° pole you can gain a few extra centimetres at the top of the pole for correct sail tensioning.

Each Maanta pole includes the following accessories

  • Robust steel base plate with a thickness of 10mm (or rotating wall clamps) - market value € 49.95
  • Muscle x3 kit for fastening and tensioning made of stainless steel, rope colour "silver" - market value € 29.95
  • Small parts and accessories for assembly (except threaded rods)

The wall fixing of a pole is only possible if there is a minimum of 30cm space between the two wall mountings. Therefore the wall must have a minimum height of approximately 45/50cm. Here is a useful link: -collare-istruzioni.pdf

Our "Alu-SimplE" pole is most resistant to salt water due to its powder-coated aluminium, which makes it immune to rust and salt water. The Alu-SimplE pole is available in three versions: with a 90° base, with a 75° base or with wall mountings.

No, Maanta poles are only available in standard sizes.
290 cm high for Alu-Simple, 275 cm for Ulisse.

We strongly advise against this operation, because especially for galvanised poles, the galvanisation may be damaged and rust may form.

The price of Maanta poles refers to a single pole. Whether Ulisse or Alu-Simple, all our poles include: ground base or wall mountings , mounting hardware (except threaded rods which you can buy here ) and the exclusive Muscle Pole Kit to anchor the sail.

No. Maanta poles come with a ground base to be installed on a concrete base of at least 15cm thickness, or on a concrete plinth of 60x60x60 cm. Here is the installation guide.

Installation on terraces and balconies is only possible with the collar version, for which you will need a wall at least 45 cm high. Poles can be installed either inside or outside the terrace.
Installing a pole with a ground base is strongly discouraged: it will damage the terrace or balcony sheathing and compromise the safety of the house.

The installation of Maanta poles does not require skilled labour.

Maanta poles are shipped in two packages, which enables us to deliver them within 72 hours and at the small price of €7.95.

Maanta poles allow several sun sails to be anchored. In the case of large sails, we recommend the purchase of the rear bracing system to give greater stability and safety to the structure.

Certainly, they are available at this link:

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