Solaria +Plus Breathable
The evolution of our best sail with radial cut

Solaria +Plus Breathable is the most performing shading sail, made with a radial cut with narrower wounds and Arroww+ reinforcements . This version with breathable Meshnet HDPE 320fabric protects against intense heat, hail and UV rays.  The new structure made with double the wounds compared to Solaria, allows it to withstand the gusty wind. It is the...
£759.20 £949.00

Solaria Breathable
Our best radial cut shade sail

Solaria Breathable  is a radial-cut shade sail made from breathable Meshnet® HDPE 320 fabric that protects against intense heat and hail and shelters against UV rays and strong winds. It is an ideal solution for covering outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces, penthouses and parking spaces. Radial cut: better distribution of tension and wind resistance...
£439.20 £549.00

Solaria +Plus Furl Breathable
The evolution of our best radial cut furling sail

Solaria +Plus Furl Breathable is the best performing furling sail with radial cut with narrower panels and Arroww+ reinforcements.  The furler allows Solaria +Plus Furl to wrap around itself quickly making it the ideal solution for covering relaxation areas in gardens, terraces, penthouses, patios and dehors. The new structure made with twice as many sail...
£1,631.20 £2,039.00

Solaria Furl Breathable Roll-Up
Our best retractable, radial-cut sun shade sail

Solaria Furl Breathable, rolls up on itself thanks to the Maanta furler.You can quickly close the sail via the included furler.The roll-up sail Solaria Furl Breathable is made in radial cut with Meshnet®. Roll-up rectractable shade sail, breathable, with radial cut Manual roll-up sytem (no maintenance), retractable in seconds Corners with multilayer...
£1,047.20 £1,309.00

Saill breathable
high quality shade sail

"Saill" is Maanta's high quality breathable shade sail, made in Italy with the exclusive Meshnet® HDPE 320 gr / sqm fabric. Its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Meshnet HDPE fabric 320 gr / sqm - 316 stainless steel rings - Digital stitching - Made in Italy ..Saill is a very robust sun sail, made with the sturdy 320 grams per square meter HDPE...
£295.20 £369.00

EasyShade Breathable
Shadow for the best prices

This shade sail is entry level and offers the best value for money. Very easy to assemble, its main features are - Cross-cut cut (bands) - Fabric 180 gr / sqm - Stainless steel rings ..EasyShade Breathable is an anti-wind and anti-hail shade sail thanks to the woven fabric, incredible tear resistance, resistance against mold and stains.Available in over...
£38.31 £42.57

The retractable designer aluminum canopy / umbrella

The innovative Maistra pergola canopy is entirely made in Italy with absolute quality raw materials designed for outdoor use.The opening and closing maneuvers are incredibly fluid and fast. Delivery in a few days, do-it-yourself assembly in just a few hours. Maistra will give a stunning look in all situations and places such as gardens, patios, near a...
£3,135.30 £4,479.00

Fabric samples
Saill and Solaria sail fabrics

Experience the innovative technical fabrics that Maanta has specially developed and selected for its premium outdoor roller shades! Purishade® - waterproof 270 gsmRevolutionary waterproof polypropylene fabric, the result of years of development and research.It is made with respect for nature (certified low environmental impact).Find out all the details...
£0.97 £1.22

Solaria Furl protective cover

The protective cover for the Solaria Furl furling sails is the ideal accessory for winter storage of the furling sail after it has been rolled up and without removing it.It is a practical and quick solution thanks to the increased Velcro and the elastic bands quick release. 4 cm wide velcro Water repellent, stain resistant, mold resistant fabric Side...
£161.10 £179.00

Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin

Bugna is the eyelet shade tarpaulin with a double perimeter hem made of Sunstop® thread and 304 steel eyelets that protects against rain, wind and UV rays.  Bugna transforms your pergola into a protected, livable outdoor space in all seasons. The wide variety of fabrics makes it very versatile and suitable for equipping pergolas, covering carports,...
£431.20 £539.00


What is a breathable shade fabric?

A breathable fabric is a fabric characterised by the so-called "loose weave", i.e. a fabric texture in which the weaves are less dense than in other types of fabric, such as waterproof fabric. 

The result is precisely the characteristic breathability that gives freshness to the sail and removes the " warm cape " effect.  

In addition, sail canopies you find in this category, made of HDPE fabric, are guaranteed hail resistant.


Our HDPE breathable fabric is made of high-density polyethylene.

This is distinguished by its greater tensile strength than low-density polyethylene. This characteristic is optimal for a sail because it allows it to be stretched to its maximum to eliminate any creases, without running the risk of tearing it.


Our breathable fabrics

Maanta offers two types of breathable fabric in high-density polyethylene (HDPE and Meshnet). Both are treated with anti-mould and, due to their characteristics, can dry very quickly even after long rain showers.

The two fabrics differ from each other in their grammage, i.e. their weight/surface area ratio (g/sqm). 


The first fabric called HDPE is breathable and makes up all entry-level "EasyShade" breathable shade sails.

It has a weight of 180 gr/sqm and is virgin, i.e. not recycled. The choice of this fabric was made to ensure a higher quality of the thread. 

In the EasyShade model this fabric is always proposed with a cross-cut pattern, i.e. with horizontal bands and high-strength seams, and in 4 colour variants: ivory, beige, cloud and graphite. There are 20 different sizes to choose from, including four shapes: triangle, triangle rectangle, rectangle and square.

All our breathable 180 g/m² fabric also has an essential feature for a shade structure: it provides a good protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation.


The second breathable fabric, called MESHNET, is a prestigious technical fabric and is used to make the Saill and Solaria models.

It is also made of high-density polyethylene, but with a higher weight: 320 g/m2.


This fabric is completely Made in Italy and once again a conscious decision was made to opt for a virgin fabric to guarantee a new and strong thread. 

MESHNET is a real heat shield, thanks to its wide mesh and its specific weight it lets the heat of the ground pass upwards and at the same time keeps the area underneath the cover ventilated. At the same time the MESHNET fabric blocks > 89% of ultraviolet rays, an essential element when choosing a patio sail.


With the "MESHNET" 320 gr/sqm fabric, two models of sails are produced in our warehouses, 100% "Made in Italy". 


The first model in breathable 320 gr/sqm material is called "Saill" and is characterised by a cross-cut cutting.

The cutting of the fabric is done digitally by a state-of-the-art precision cutting machine. The final stitching is done by our experienced seamstresses.


The second model in "MESHNET" fabric is called "Solaria" and is characterised by a radial cut. What does this mean? The pieces of fabric are not cut into strips but into segments and then sewn together radially: the radial cut was invented in 1983 by sails designer Tom Schnackenberg. The advantage is that a correct and uniform distribution of tension is guaranteed. External factors such as wind are better supported by a shade sail with this cut.


Both the 'Saill' and 'Solaria' models are produced in standard sizes and are also custom-made. 

Maanta offers 15 standard sizes, in rectangular, square and triangular shapes, in 4 colours: ivory, beige, cloud and graphite. 

For customised sizes we have created a special configurator in which you can enter the desired measurements.


Click here to access!

You won’t need to choose a water drainage point in breathable sails as the water will be filtered by the fabric itself.

Breathable Sail Comparison

MaantA Shade Sails - Breathable fabrics

FABRIC WEIGHT 180 gsm 320 gsm 320 gsm
MAX AREA 30 sm 36 sm 42 sm
WIND RESISTANCE* 40-50 km/h 51-62 km/h 55-65 km/h
4/5 5/5 5/5
WATERPROOF 1/5 2/5 2/5
WATER RUNOFF 20% 40% 40%
0 0 0
FABRIC CUT in bands in bands radial cut
COST PER SQM ca 3€ al mq ca 25€ ca 35€

* with correct application of tension 45 kg for each corner

** with a minimum inclination of 1 meter

*** the guarantee is recognized for products installed as per our guides and only on manufacturing defects


Breathable fabric is chosen over waterproof fabric precisely because of the freshness it keeps under the cover even on the hottest days. 

In addition, since it does not accumulate wind and other atmospheric agents above the cover, this fabric is more suitable for particularly windy areas

The MESHNET breathable fabric can withstand strong storms of up to 62 km/h.

In addition, due to its characteristics, every breathable fabric is able to dry very quickly, even after many hours of exposure to rain.

Finally, thanks to a minimal elastic component, which waterproof fabrics do not have, breathable fabrics are much better able to absorb the effects of hail.

Breathable fabric is therefore preferred because these qualities mean that sails do not have to be dismantled in the event of storms and hail, provided they have been correctly tensioned and pitched. Even in the case of simple rainfall, no water sack will accumulate above the cover.

Breathable fabric is chosen in particular for carports, i.e. for one parking space with 2 wall fixings and 2 poles or 4 poles, or for several parking spaces

In fact, sail structures are suitable for standing alongside, particularly thanks to poles with multiple anchorage points.

Shading the car in summer with a breathable fabric means maintaining good air circulation underneath the structure and at the same time ensuring that the car is protected from hail and strong wind. Also, in winter, for short snowfalls, there is no need to remove the garden sail. As the fabric is "broad-meshed" and therefore perforated, the snow can gradually be filtered out and not put too much strain on the fabric and structure. This is only true if the sail has been correctly tensioned and pitched. However, in the case of long, heavy snowfalls we recommend removing it. 


Breathable fabric is also popular with those who need to shade an outdoor space in a very sultry area and who need to use it especially for events held in good weather. 

This is the case with swimming pool areas, which in most cases are used on clear days and during the hottest hours. The idea of shading with a patio sail made of breathable fabric will prove to be excellent precisely because of the continuous passage of air and the amount of shade guaranteed. Dark colours (graphite) are most recommended for having less of a heat " cape " effect and more protection from sunlight.

Before cleaning the sail after seasonal use, it is necessary to remove it from the support structure. 

Removal is very simple and does not require any special tools. Simply release the tension on a single flap and then proceed to unhook it. The sail can then be unhooked from all the anchorages to be cleaned and returned to its packaging.

To remove dust, simply use a sponge and a neutral detergent, leave for a few minutes and then rinse.

To remove stains or marks, use very soft brushes to avoid damaging the fabric.

Yes, there are sails made from Purishade® fabric.

Purishade® is a particularly abrasion-resistant olefin polypropylene fabric. It was originally intended as a waterproof fabric, but over the years we have managed to combine waterproofing with a breathable component similar to that of the polyethylene fabrics described above.

For very windy areas where protection from water is also required, this fabric is the right solution.

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