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Ulisse - steel pole for shade sails
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole With...
Ulisse - steel pole for shade sails
robust extreme rigidity and robustness variable height multi sail elliptical steel

Ulisse Shade Sail Pole With Variable Height And 6 Fixing Points


The Ulisse shade sail pole is a high tech product, robust but with an elegant, light design and with an efficient functionality.

It has been designed to meet all the needs of sail awnings: maximum flexural strength, the possibility of attaching multiple sails and the possibility of individually adjusting each sail in height.

It combines design and functionality, its elliptical profile is very sinuous and slender but at the same time this gives great structural strength.

  • elliptical steel design profile: 101x50,8x2mm. Height 275 cm (135 + 140cm)
  • incomparable strength, design and flexural strength compared to any round tube.
  • Industrial painting in anthracite colour
  • variable and independent height for one or more sails (up to 6). Perfect shade adjustment and dynamic protection from the sun.
  • Accessories already included:
    • Robust steel base plate with a thickness of 10mm (or wall clamps)
    • Muscle x3 kit with nautical rope "silver" for fixing and tensioning made of galvanized steel
    • small parts and accessories for assembly (except threaded rods)

Important: For sails with sizes over 20m² (250 square ft.) we recommend the use of the rear bracing system.

For assembly we recommend our threaded rods M12 x 13 cm and the chemical anchor M-Plus (not included).

Questions about the product or order? Get our free planning help or call us ✆ +44 330 808 8140

Colour: galvanized steel
  • galvanized steel
  • anthracite
Pole Inclination: Pole with 75° base
  • Pole with 75° base
  • Pole with 88° base (90° under tension)
  • Pole + 2 wall mountings
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VAT included
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The Ulysses shade pole is a specific product for garden sails.
This particular type of shade requires particularly taut fabrics to cope perfectly with the wind and optimize rainwater drainage.
It is also necessary to give a height difference of at least one corner of the sail to allow drainage of the liquid element and/or cut off the air.

It is from these needs that we have created the Ulysses pole, which is considerably stiffer than the 110 diameter stainless steel poles.

The bending strength is incomparable to a 60 diameter pole offered by many competitors.

The 2mm thickness and elliptical shape make it a design pole but at the same time incomparable tensile strength.
With the new anchoring system, we will have a lot of leeway: since the closer the top is to its anchor, the stronger it will be, the new Muscle X3 anchoring system will allow both maximum tension and maximum freedom.

It is no longer necessary to carefully calculate the dimensions of the kit, as the rope and pulleys will adapt wonderfully to changing needs and allow us to provide great tension to the end, thanks to the multiplication of the force by the pulleys.
With only 15 kilos applied to the corner of the sail, we get 45 kilos!!!

The galvanizing process makes our colors persistent and durable, while the 4 different height options make the canopy malleable, helping you create shade where you need it (just raise or lower the flap), offering dynamic protection and aiding perfect rainwater drainage.

Up to 4 different sails (or 2 front sails and a rear brace to aid anchoring) can be anchored to the same pole using the hooks already provided!
The affordable price is also achieved thanks to a well thought out packaging of less than 160 cm.
The joint is designed to further reinforce the pole itself.
The pole restraint is achieved using a special mold that works to the tenth of a millimeter.
It will then be easy to assemble/disassemble the pole if necessary, mainly due to its design features and compact dimensions.
The pole kit includes a very sturdy plate a 1 cm thick base, able to withstand inclement weather.
Available in 75° - 90° and wall collar versions it is a specific and design shade sail pole with an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

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You will find installation guides and much more: click here

Available versions

Available versions

Ulisse - the 3 versions of the Ulisse Kit

The pole is available with 75° or 90° base plate.
Or with 90° wall collars, for the vertical fixing on walls.

Installation of the base plate

The base can be fixed on a concrete floor using threaded rods (available here).



palo per tenda a vela con agganci multipli


Multi-sail setup, multiple fixing points. 4 Front and 2 rear fixing points that can also be used for accessories such as tie rods.

4 gradi di impermeabilità

palo alluminio per vela ombreggiante


The slender but sinuous profile goes perfectly with shade sails

5 gradi di facilità di installazione

robustezza palo per vele da sole


The incredible flexural strength makes it ideal for keeping shade sails perfectly taut, essential for ensuring resistance to wind and water runoff.

5 gradi di facilità di installazione

valo per tenda a vela veloce da installare


Just follow the guides, and the pole will be very simple to install. It is already equipped with ground bases or collar, and special tensioners to anchor the sail.

5 gradi di facilità di installazione

Features and Dimensions

Features and Dimensions

Thanks to the various fixing points it will be possible to lower or raise the sails dynamically, effectively protecting from the sun.

Both the galvanized and painted versions are resistant to rust and salt. The design and thickness make it virtually free of bending.

The elliptical tube has been carefully selected: the profile has a very sinuous design that goes perfectly with the lines of the sails. In addition to this it shows great resistance to bending, both thanks to its thickness and to its shape.

The kit is offered full-optional and already includes the appropriate accessories to attach the sail but also the ground base or the wall collars.


Strengths Ulisse


Only thanks to this functionality will we be able to have a dynamic shading, a unique design and a installation able to drain the water and cut the wind.



The ability to adjust the heights of the individual sail corners allows us to obtain shadow exactly below the structure. We can vary the heights in a few seconds, thus varying the shading.



There are 6 fixing points, 4 front and 2 rear. Up to 6 sails (or accessories such as tie rods) can therefore be hooked at the same time.



Thanks to the 6 anchoring points on one single pole we can perform multiple installations to cover important spaces using a single pole.



The elliptical profile combined with the thickness and diameter make this pole really rigid. This resistance to bending is extraordinary in order not to lose tension on the sails and not to make him "water bellies".



The pole is subjected to high-quality protective galvanising. The anthracite version is industrially powder-coated.



Includes a sturdy 10 mm thick steel floor base (or wall brackets), variable height, Muscle hitch and cable stay kit.



Assembly instructions in PDF format with technical data, content and step-by-step instructions for assembling Ulisse with base 90° plate.

Click here to download

Assembly instructions in PDF format with technical data, content and step-by-step instructions for assemblingUlisse with base 75° plate.

Click here to download

Assembly instructions in PDF format with technical data, content and step-by-step instructions for assembling Ulisse with wall collars.

Click here to download

Guides & Info


Create Your Project with Our Guides!

Waterproof or breathable?
How to choose the fabric ►►►

Dimensions of the sails:
How to measure spaces and dimensions ►►►

Step by step installation guide
Assembly and maintenance guide ►►►


Correct tensioning is one of the most important factors during assembly

The advantages of a well-taut sail are:

  • better wind resistance (does not tear and does not wear fixings)
  • no pockets of water are created (waterproof sails)
  • greater longevity of the sail and fixings

Poles catalogue

MaantA Shade Sail Poles

COLOURS Silver - Anthracite Steel  - Anthracite Steel
FIXING POINTS Unlimited 4 front + 2 back from 1 to 3
BASE INCLUDED yes yes no
SAIL FASTENING INCLUDED Muscle x3 included Muscle x3 included not included
PRICE OF COMPLETE KIT less than € 300 less than € 180 € 250/300
  Product sheet Alu-Simple Product sheet Ulisse



logo vele maanta
Better assistance than Amazon, very kind and helpful. Exceptional quality and design for both poles and curtains.

The first wind test showed the clear superiority between the purchased 4x5m sail and that of another brand that we previously mounted. The shade sail lets the wind pass without getting upset.
Mounted here on Etna, it has also faced its first volcanic ash rain without any damage.

Massimo Grieco

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logo vele maanta
Excellent products, I bought both poles and sails.

The posts are of excellent quality, sturdy and aesthetically beautiful, the purchase cost in my opinion is fully justified by the quality of the product ...
The sellers found them friendly and very helpful. Advisors to everyone to buy their products.

Davide Corsaro

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logo vele maanta

I have carried out several orders related to anchor poles and sails and I have always had a great time. The anchoring poles are of excellent workmanship and of great quality ditto for sailing awnings. I have always placed telephone orders, finding competent and kind operators every time.

Paolo Brignoli

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