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The retractable designer aluminum canopy / umbrella

The innovative Maistra pergola canopy is entirely made in Italy with absolute quality raw materials designed for outdoor use.The opening and closing maneuvers are incredibly fluid and fast. Delivery in a few days, do-it-yourself assembly in just a few hours. Maistra will give a stunning look in all situations and places such as gardens, patios, near a...
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Maistra base kit
Kit with 2 bases for the innovative Maistra gazebo

The Maistra gazebo becomes self-supporting by purchasing this optional base kit.Maistra in the version with fixed installation can be assembled in a short time, it requires drilling the floor, anchoring it to the ground and therefore with threaded bars.If it is not possible to drill, this base kit is the fastest and simplest solution. The kit includes two...
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Maanta self-supporting solutions: mini selection guide

Here we want to group together all those solutions that are freestanding and therefore do NOT require a fixed installation on the ground.

It starts with the classic gazebo, also considered by wikipedia a roof structure, has always been a must in outdoor spaces.
Today, there are all shapes of them but especially with the design of the 21st century, they are no longer with sloping "cottage" roofs. The modern gazebo roof is flat and horizontally foldable. Structure capable of covering 10 to 20 square meters is supported by 2 or 4 legs that make it self-supporting. This is also where the our product Maistra, which is resistant up to 62 km/h of wind (depending on the type of installation), is a gazebo produced with absolute quality raw materials designed specifically for outdoor use. The aluminum and polypropylene are in fact maintenance-free and do not present rust and mold problems. Also suitable for demanding environments such as areas with saltiness (sea), windy areas (mountains), or subject to frequent rainfall.

Another solution for covering an outdoor area is the pergola; this term identifies a self-supporting structure always with 2 or 4 support legs with a flat horizontal roof, capable of covering 15 to 30 square meters. Also by this term many of our customers identify Maistra; the mini Maanta pergola.
In recent years there has been much talk of the bioclimatic pergola, a pergola with an opening roof to vent warm air to the outside. It can be placed in the garden and can normally be closed at the side to use it during the winter.

Then there are the classic and historic wooden pergolas; most commonly used to cover the car from inclement weather.

We can talk more about umbrellas, a simple solution that is supported by a single pole. Practical and quickly foldable, it helps cover very small spaces.

Finally, practical and with an assured scenic effect, we find the shade sails, available from us in three main models, also made to measure, allows covering more than 40sqm.
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