In this section you will find all the necessary information and practical guides to choose Maanta products: from sail shades to vertical blinds!

Find out how to choose the best fabric for your shade sail, waterproof or breathable, windproof.
When to choose a custom made sail and when a standard size.
How to measure in a few simple steps.

Learn about the new Purishade® fabric, the fabric that respects nature!


Assembling a shade sail is much simpler than you think. In our guides you will find all the information you need to safely install your product!

Discover installation guides and step-by-step instructions with explanatory videos and illustrations.

Finally, you will find a detailed explanation on how and why to properly tension the sun sail.


The shade sail has dominated the outdoor spaces with various applications.
It is not only a useful object but also a design and furnishing element.

In this chapter you will find out how awnings can be used from the anti-hail cover for cars, to the covering of gardens and bars, up to the cover of the garden and why not, perhaps the outdoor jacuzzi.

Here you can see some of the applications that we and our customers have found!


In the early days of our company, we developed tailor-made products for special needs.
Products that we do not sell in a standard way but only on order.

Discover the demanding solutions that we have managed to achieve, you will find a unique touch in the world!

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