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Solaria +Plus Waterproof
The evolution of our best radial cut shade sail

Solaria +Plus Waterproof is the best performing shade sail with a radial cut with narrower sail clothes and Arroww+ reinforcements. This version with 100% waterproof Purishade® fabric shelters from UV rays and shields from rain and wind. The new structure made with twice as many cuts as Solaria allows it to withstand gusty winds. It is the ideal solution...
£879.20 £1,099.00

Solaria Waterproof
Our best radial cut shade sail

Solaria is a shading sail with a radial cut made from Purishade® fabric, 100% waterproof, which provides protection against UV rays and shields from rain and wind. It is the ideal solution for covering outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces, attics, and parking spaces. Radial cut: better distribution of tension and wind resistance up to 65 km/h Zigzag...
£503.20 £629.00

Solaria +Plus Furl Waterproof
The evolution of our best radial-cut furling sail

Solaria +Plus Waterproof Furl is the best-performing furling sail, made with narrower sailclothes radial cut  and Arroww+ reinforcements.  The furler allows Solaria +Plus to furl on itself quickly making it the ideal solution for covering relaxation areas in gardens, terraces, penthouses, patios and dehors. The new structure made with twice as many...
£1,759.20 £2,199.00

Solaria Furl Waterproof Roll-Up
Our best retractable, radial-cut furling sun shade sail

Solaria Furl Waterproof, rolls up on itself thanks to the Maanta furler.This Premium sail protects from rain and you will always be safe: in case of heavy storms or prolonged absences, you can quickly close the sail via the included furler.The roll-up sail Solaria Furl Waterproof is made in radial cut with Purishade®-fabric. Roll-up rectractable shade...
£1,191.20 £1,489.00

Saill waterproof
high quality shade sail

"Saill", our high quality, waterproof shade sail is made in Italy with our exclusive Purishade®, an innovative and eco-friendly fabric. Its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Purishade® 270 gr / sqm - Digital and sealed stitching - Made in Italy ..It provides optimal protection from UV rays (UPF50 +), rain, sun and wind.Thanks to modern technologies,...
£351.20 £439.00

EasyShade 2.0 Waterproof
Best value for money

This waterproof shade sail is entry level and offers the best value for money. Very easy to assemble, its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Polyester 160 gr / m2 - Drip-proof seams - 316 stainless steel rings.It provides optimal protection from sun, rain and wind. Thanks to the X-tension technology we are able to reach an optimal tension that avoids...
£49.27 £54.75

The retractable designer aluminum canopy / umbrella

The innovative Maistra pergola canopy is entirely made in Italy with absolute quality raw materials designed for outdoor use.The opening and closing maneuvers are incredibly fluid and fast. Delivery in a few days, do-it-yourself assembly in just a few hours. Maistra will give a stunning look in all situations and places such as gardens, patios, near a...
£3,135.30 £4,479.00

Fabric samples
Saill and Solaria sail fabrics

Experience the innovative technical fabrics that Maanta has specially developed and selected for its premium outdoor roller shades! Purishade® - waterproof 270 gsmRevolutionary waterproof polypropylene fabric, the result of years of development and research.It is made with respect for nature (certified low environmental impact).Find out all the details...
£0.97 £1.22

Solaria Furl protective cover

The protective cover for the Solaria Furl furling sails is the ideal accessory for winter storage of the furling sail after it has been rolled up and without removing it.It is a practical and quick solution thanks to the increased Velcro and the elastic bands quick release. 4 cm wide velcro Water repellent, stain resistant, mold resistant fabric Side...
£161.10 £179.00

Shade sail with grommets

Bugna is premium quality shade sail with grommets with a double perimeter hem made of Sunstop® thread and nautical grade steel eyelets that protects against rain, wind and UV rays.  Bugna transforms your pergola into a protected, livable outdoor space in all seasons. The wide variety of fabrics makes this heavy duty canvas tarp with grommets it very...
£431.20 £539.00


When it comes to water resistance, trust only Maanta waterproof shade sails!

Our sun sails have some important advantages:

  • sealed seams for double protection in all garden sails.
  • Purishade® fabric that is both waterproof and breathable thanks to our long research and advanced technologies.
  • x-tension technology guarantees perfect tension
  • Solaria is the only shade sail with radial cutting
  • Saill and Solaria are the only shade sails with a perimeter that can be tensioned using adjustable straps.

This differentiates us from others and thanks to these features we can guarantee a 100% waterproof sun sails that last.

Saill, Solaria & the Purishade®

Our waterproof shade sails made of premium made-in-Italy Purishade® fabric differ in the way they are cut: 

  • Saill is created with a digital straight cross-cut;
  • Solaria is created with a digital radial cut.

In addition to the standard sizes, our premium sails can be custom-made for you with the online configurator, click here!

Saill and Solaria can be described as professional waterproof garden sails.

Purishade® fabric is what our high-quality premium sails have in common! 

Maanta is always striving for perfection. We have been making sails since 2006 and have studied various fabrics over the years. 

We want to offer you perfection in all Maanta products. In addition, we feel the need to contribute to the environment by choosing an eco-friendly fabric, so we started our research and after 3 years of specific studies and tests Purishade® was developed. 

Purishade® is perfect in every aspect:

  • it is more resistant than acrylic: perfect for our sail canopies that need to be stretched.
  • it is both waterproof and breathable: it protects from rain without creating a cape effect.
  • it protects from UV rays thanks to our polypropylene processing.
  • polypropylene is a highly environmentally friendly and recyclable material, so by choosing a waterproof Saill or Solaria you are also taking care of the environment.
  • It's like having a roof over your head even outdoors, a protection all year round.

EasyShade & Polyester 160gr/sqm

The EasyShade is perfect for those who value convenience: it is our entry-level sail with an excellent value for money.

The fabric is a 160 gram per square metre polyester with a double coating of polyurethane, an insulating material that provides double protection from rain and dirt. The double coating of polyurethane is one of the advantages of Maanta sails over competitors' sun sails by ensuring extra waterproofing.

The sail's seams are sealed to protect them from rain. This way the shade sail will last longer. 

In addition, the sail is equipped with perimeter reinforcement straps. This allows the sail tension to be adjusted, ensuring that water can drain away. 

The tension of the sail is guaranteed above all by the x-tension technology. In a square sail, for example, the corners are pulled diagonally opposite each other to create perfect tension (thus forming the letter X). 

Other advantages of Maanta waterproof sails

  • Protection from rain and dirt
  • UV protection
  • Breathable and waterproof sail thanks to Purishade® fabric
  • Sealed Seams
  • Care for the environment thanks to the eco-friendly fabric especially designed and manufactured.
  • Long lasting colour fastness 
  • Anti-mould
  • High resistance to tension and abrasion

Easy-to-install waterproof shade sails

Waterproof sails are easy to install by following our guides and video tutorials. Follow our guide.

Top tips for DIY installation: a professional result in just a few steps!

  • Tilt the sail properly to allow rainwater to run off.
  • Choose a drainage point, i.e. a corner at a lower height than the others.
  • Tension correctly following the diagonals leading to the centre of the sail.

Interesting facts about waterproof sail 

Water resistance: how to tell the difference

Did you know that... the impermeability of a fabric is measured by the water column, also called water column pressure, which expresses in mm the water pressure that a material can withstand before water passes through it. 

The EasyShade waterproof polyesther 160 g/m2 has a water column of 50 mm. 

Saill and Solaria Purishade® have a water column of 500 mm.  

Imagine placing a glass tube on the sail and filling it with water. The water will pass through the sail after the tube is filled to 50 mm and 500 mm respectively.


Because it is the perfect solution for those who want to sit outside all-year-around. The waterproof patio sail creates a shady area protected from UV rays in summer and from rain and dirt in winter. 

This way you can enjoy lunch or dinner outside with the family, create a chilled space in your garden to enjoy with friends, or create an outdoor workout space even if it rains. 

Alternatively, you can use the waterproof sail to create a light and elegant structure to protect your car. The possibilities are endless!

It depends on the functionality you are looking for. 

  • Sun protection: all our breathable sails and premium waterproof sails made of Purishade® fabric provide effective protection from the sun by creating a shaded area.
  • Rain protection: all waterproof garden sails provide protection from the rain. However, only the Saill and Solaria in Purishade® prevent that cape effect under the sail due to their high degree of breathability.
  • Rain and Hail protection: If you are looking for protection from both rain and hail, breathable sails are more resistant, because hail bounces off the fabric without damaging it, while rain passes through the fabric, which then dries quickly. Purishade® fabric is also very durable and is excellent for protecting against rain.
  • Sun, Rain, Wind and Hail protection: we recommend the Purishade® fabric of the waterproof Saill and Solaria.

Both fabrics are of excellent quality that allows them to be resistant over time, but if you had to choose, the breathable sail has a slightly higher percentage of resistance than the waterproof one. Here's why: 

  • The breathable fabric is very durable and can withstand exposure to bad weather without problems. Our patio sails have an anti-mould treatment and dry quickly after summer showers.
  • If you are looking for a wind-resistant sail, breathable fabric is more recommended, because it allows the wind to pass through the mesh of the HDPE fabric. In this way, the force of the wind is transmitted neither to the fabric nor to the anchors. On the contrary, the waterproof fabric has a lower percentage of wind resistance, because it traps the wind and tends to transmit its force to the anchors.
  • When it comes to storms and hail, the breathable fabric is more resistant because it is slightly elastic, especially when tensioned, and hailstones can bounce off it without damage. Waterproof fabric, on the other hand, takes all the force of the hailstones and transmits it to the anchors, and risks tearing.

The only exception is Purishade® fabric: it is literally the best available fabric

Always provide a corner at a lower height than the others, this allows rainwater to drain off correctly.

It is advisable to lower at least one corner of the sail by 25% of the longest side.

Practical example: A 4x4m square sail must be inclined by at least 1 metre.

Professional waterproof sail (Saill and Solaria models) can be used at will for seasonal use or, without contraindications, all year round.

It is a quick and easy operation: release the tension on a single flap and proceed to unhook it. Finally, unhook the sail from all the anchors and store the sail in its packaging.

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