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SolariA waterproof
our best radial cut shade sail

Solaria is our best waterproof shade sail - made in Italy with a radial cut made from Purishade®, an innovative and environmentally friendly sail fabric. Optimal protection against UV rays (UPF50 +), rain, sun, and wind up to 62 km / h. The radial cut, invented in 1983 by sail designer Tom Schnackenberg, introduced a revolution in the manufacture of...
£503.20 £629.00

SolariA breathable
the best radial cut shade sail

Solaria is our best breathable shade sail, made in Italy with the very strong Meshnet® HDPE 320 g/sqm fabric. Its main features are - Radial cut - Meshnet HDPE fabric 320 grams - Digital stitching - Stainless steel ring plates - Made in Italy ..It optimally protects from UV rays, sun and wind up to 65 km / h.The radial cut invented in 1983 by sails...
£439.20 £549.00

Solaria Furl Waterproof Roll-Up
Our best retractable, radial-cut furling sun shade sail

Solaria Furl Waterproof, rolls up on itself thanks to the Maanta furler.This Premium sail protects from rain and you will always be safe: in case of heavy storms or prolonged absences, you can quickly close the sail via the included furler.The roll-up sail Solaria Furl Waterproof is made in radial cut with Purishade®-fabric. Roll-up rectractable shade...
£1,191.20 £1,489.00

Solaria Furl Breathable Roll-Up
Our best retractable, radial-cut sun shade sail

Solaria Furl Breathable, rolls up on itself thanks to the Maanta furler.You can quickly close the sail via the included furler.The roll-up sail Solaria Furl Breathable is made in radial cut with Meshnet®. Roll-up rectractable shade sail, breathable, with radial cut Manual roll-up sytem (no maintenance), retractable in seconds Corners with multilayer...
£1,047.20 £1,309.00

Saill waterproof
high quality shade sail

"Saill", our high quality, waterproof shade sail is made in Italy with our exclusive Purishade®, an innovative and eco-friendly fabric. Its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Purishade® 270 gr / sqm - Digital and sealed stitching - Made in Italy ..It provides optimal protection from UV rays (UPF50 +), rain, sun and wind.Thanks to modern technologies,...
£351.20 £439.00

Saill breathable
high quality shade sail

"Saill" is Maanta's high quality breathable shade sail, made in Italy with the exclusive Meshnet® HDPE 320 gr / sqm fabric. Its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Meshnet HDPE fabric 320 gr / sqm - 316 stainless steel rings - Digital stitching - Made in Italy ..Saill is a very robust sun sail, made with the sturdy 320 grams per square meter HDPE...
£295.20 £369.00

EasyShade 2.0 Waterproof
Best value for money

This waterproof shade sail is entry level and offers the best value for money. Very easy to assemble, its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Polyester 160 gr / m2 - Drip-proof seams - 316 stainless steel rings.It provides optimal protection from sun, rain and wind. Thanks to the X-tension technology we are able to reach an optimal tension that avoids...
£49.27 £54.74

EasyShade Breathable
Shadow for the best prices

This shade sail is entry level and offers the best value for money. Very easy to assemble, its main features are - Cross-cut cut (bands) - Fabric 180 gr / sqm - Stainless steel rings ..EasyShade Breathable is an anti-wind and anti-hail shade sail thanks to the woven fabric, incredible tear resistance, resistance against mold and stains.Available in over...
£38.32 £42.58

Fabric samples
Saill and Solaria sail fabrics

Experience the innovative technical fabrics that Maanta has specially developed and selected for its premium outdoor roller shades! Purishade® - waterproofRevolutionary waterproof polypropylene fabric, the result of years of development and research.It is made with respect for nature (certified low environmental impact).Find out all the details about this...
£0.98 £1.22

The retractable designer aluminum canopy / umbrella

The innovative Maistra pergola canopy is entirely made in Italy with absolute quality raw materials designed for outdoor use.The opening and closing maneuvers are incredibly fluid and fast. Delivery in a few days, do-it-yourself assembly in just a few hours. Maistra will give a stunning look in all situations and places such as gardens, patios, near a...
£3,135.30 £4,479.00


How to install a triangular sail

In order to install a triangular shade sail in an excellent manner, it is necessary to provide three fixing points for the corners of the sail. At Maanta we offer two types of fixing: to the wall or by installing a pole.

There are various systems depending on taste and space:

  • 3 wall fixing points
  • 2 wall fixing points and 1 pole with ground base
  • 1 wall fixing point and 2 poles with ground base
  • 3 fixing points on poles with ground base

Click here for our wall fixings and poles for shade sails.

Guide to outdoor triangle sun shade models

The triangular sail shades are available in 3 models: EasyShade, Saill or Solaria.

Each of these models is available in either breathable or waterproof fabric, find out the differences with the fabric guide.

  • EasyShade: is an entry level sail with an excellent value for money, UPF30+, they have strong sealed seams and side straps around the entire perimeter;
  • Saill: they are Made in Italy sails, with cross-cut stripes and digital and automatic stitching, they have top quality materials, multilayer reinforcement, wind resistance up to 50 km/h, reach 36 square metres of coverage, 3-year warranty
  • Solaria: are Made in Italy sails, with radial cut, which allows greater distribution of tension, structural strength, durability, better wind resistance, digital and automatic stitching, top quality components, multi-layer reinforcements, wind resistance up to 62 km/h, reach 42 m2 of coverage, 4 year warranty

EasyShade, Saill, Solaria and fabrics: How to choose?

All our shade sails are available in two types of fabric: waterproof (Whathertech) or breathable (HDPE or MESHNET).
The EasyShade model is available in 160g polyester fabric for the waterproof sails and in 180g polyethylene for the breathable sails (HDPE).

While the Saill and Solaria models are available in 270g Purishade® polypropylene fabric for waterproof sails and 320g Meshnet for breathable sails.

The waterproof fabrics are very water-resistant and also provide a perfect shaded area. Purishade®'s polypropylene is a cool, mould-resistant fabric with the lowest environmental impact index. The only disadvantage of polyester is that it can form a cape effect under the sail and is more prone to tearing and stress in wind and storm.

Breathable fabrics have a higher grammage and are very resistant to wind and bad weather, thanks to the wider mesh they do not create a cape effect under the sail and do not accumulate any air or water sacks.

The complete guide to choosing fabrics can be found here.

The measurements of our equal-sided triangles

For the EasyShade model the standard sizes available are: 3.6x3.6x3.6m; 4x4x4m; 5x5x5m; 6x6x6m

For the Saill model the standard sizes available are: 5x5x5m; 6x6x6m
For the Solaria model the standard sizes available are: 5x5x5m; 6x6x6m; 7x7x7m

Custom sizes are possible! Go to the online configurator.

Measurements of our right triangles

Right angle shade sails are also very popular. This shape allows it to adapt perfectly to scenarios with 2 perpendicular walls of the house.

For the EasyShade model the standard sizes available are: 4x4x5.66m; 5x5x7.07m
For the Saill model the standard sizes available are: 5x5x7.07m
For the Solaria model the standard sizes available are: 5x5x7.07m

Also available custom-made directly from our configurator!

Can I combine two triangle shade sails to form a square or a rectangle?

Of course! This combination is one of the most preferred by our customers as it allows you to create a dynamic and sophisticated coverage. By installing two triangular sails at the same two fixing points, shapes such as squares or rectangles can be created.
Be aware, however, of the possibility of a "gap" in the centre, due to the concavity of the sails. If you wish to obtain total coverage, we suggest creating an overlap of the fabrics in order to protect the whole area underneath. This is also the best solution if you want to cover a very large area, which is not possible with a single sail.


Take advantage of the triangle shape to create partial coverage of your space. Thanks to the special configuration it is possible to shield the sun only partially in order to create more fluidity with the outside space.


If the shade created by the triangular sail is not enough for your space, you can opt for a combination of several sails or choose other formats, such as square, rectangle, trapezoid.


Thanks to our convenient online configurator you can create and order your custom-made sail in a few simple steps.
All you have to do is take the measurements of the area to be covered, enter them into the configurator and choose the fabric and type of seam.
In just a few seconds the system will provide you with a precise quote.

If you are undecided about the colours of our fabrics, you can receive our fabric samples at home, including the 4 different colours of Purishade® fabric (for waterproof sails available in the colours White, Ivory, Cloud, Beige) and the 4 different colours of Meshnet 320 fabric (for breathable sails available in the colours Ivory, Beige, Cloud, Graphite) plus a 10€ discount voucher for your next purchase of a Solaria or Saill shade.

The expected delivery date is indicated immediately, both in the product section and during the order confirmation. 

However, the delivery time for a triangle sun shade can change depending on the season. After receiving the order, our technical team designs the sail using digital programmes. 

The technical drawing linked to the order is then put into the production plan (digital cutting, hand stitching, final quality control), packed and then shipped.

We recommend first designing the fixing system. Place or design the position of wall plates or support poles. This way you can easily take measurements between anchor points. 

Our configurator will show you the measurements you need to design the sail (lengths of the sides and/or diagonals). It is essential to provide the necessary space for the fixing means. 

Always plan for at least 35 cm between each corner of the sail and its anchoring point. If you are not sure, choose the option "I will provide the distance to the fixing points". 

The sail will be calculated automatically in our configurator. The system automatically chooses the correct size for your sail.

See our complete guide: How to measure?

The drainage point is the angle to be chosen in any custom-made sail to allow perfect drainage of water in case of rain, as well as in case of condensation that may form on the underside during periods of high humidity.
In this way, water will always flow towards a certain angle of the sail, thanks to the "tile principle", and water will always be able to drain away.

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