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Reef Roll -- Custom Sizes
Outdoor Roller Shade with Stainless Steel Wire Guides

Reef Roll is an outdoor roller shade with steel wire guides. It reduces the interior temperature up to 15°C. It is a practical, fast solution that can be applied to porches, pergolas, shop windows, terraces and balconies . Cable guide in stainless steel. Roller with large dimensions and stainless steel fixing brackets . EasySwitch technology : transform...

Outdoor Roller Shade Easy Roll 2.0 -- Custom sizes
Retractable screen with arms and hooks

Easy Roll 2.0 is an outdoor roller shade with hooks and arms entirely Made in Italy. It is an economic, practical, fast and minimally invasive solution that can be used on your terrace, balcony or porch. Outdoor roll up shade with arms and floor hooks EasySwitch compatible: transform your roller shade into a clear PVC vinyl shade for the winter. Oversized...

EasySwitch -- CUSTOMIZED

Have you purchased an EasyRoll, ReefRoll or EasyClear Maanta roller shade and would like to take advantage of its features all year round? With Easy Switch you can!We have created a replacement fabric that in a few simple steps allows you to give a new life to your outdoor roller shade.Ordering the Easy Switch fabric is very simple: you just have to enter...

Fabric samples
Roller Shades

Experience the innovative technical fabrics that Maanta has specially developed and selected for its premium outdoor roller shades! Purishade® - waterproofRevolutionary waterproof polypropylene fabric, the result of years of development and research.It is made with respect for nature (certified low environmental impact).Find out all the details about this...
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Exterior roller shades: which model to choose?

Over the years, we have analysed the main requirements for covering terraces, balconies, porches and windows. From this research, we have developed two models of custom outdoor roller shades: Easy Roll V2 and Reef Roll.

Easy Roll V2

  • vertical roller shades Made in Italy.
  • can lower indoor temperatures by up to 15°C.
  • easy to install.
  • available in 3 different types of fabric and made to measure.
  • Patented Easy Switch technology.
  • eliminates light discomfort glare.
  • endless adjustments.

Reef Roll

  • available in custom sizes only.
  • retractable roller blinds Made in Italy.
  • can lower indoor temperatures by up to 15°C.
  • easy to install.
  • available in different colours.
  • patented Easy Switch technology.
  • M13x13LT 12V electric motor and solar panel power supply (optional).
  • WifiBridge, control the blind from your smartphone.

Why choose a made-to-measure outdoor roller shade?

A retractable exterior roller blind is the ideal product for shading terraces, balconies, porches and windows. Compared to the outdated arm awnings, they are modern, with a clean design, and have great technical and performance features.

Let's evaluate together the main features of Maanta outdoor roller shades vs traditional arm awnings:
Outdoor roller blinds:

  • Easy to install even with DIY.
  • Maanta products can all be assembled without the need for special tools.
  • Affordable compared to arm-mounted blinds
  • They can be installed on the wall but also on the ceiling and even under the balcony (not possible with arm-mounted blinds).
  • They can be rolled down straight or overhanging.
  • Optional accessories include arms that allow the roller shade to be lowered overhanging and not perfectly straight. The advantage of these arms is that they allow a greater flow of air between the sunny and shady areas.
  • The fabric is easy to replace and to clean; the Wheathertech fabric is also machine washable.
  • They are also available with a side cord (Reef Roll model), so you can keep the drop-down roller halfway down.
  • They are fashionable and bring a modern and fresh look to your home .

Traditional arm awnings and canopies on the market:

  • You need a professional installer. Traditional arm blinds are heavy and bulky, they need  professional help to be installed.
  • They are very heavy, which means they need thicker walls.This feature means that they can only be installed on the wall and not on the ceiling, e.g. the wall of an upper balcony.
  • Difficult to clean; you can’t dismantle them independently for machine washing, which you can with Maanta roller shades.
  • Significantly more expensive than our Maanta roller blinds.

The question now is whether to choose a made-to-measure or a standard roller shade.
The answer is simple, a standard size may not fully cover the space available, in which case a made-to-measure solution is preferable.
Please note that our outdoor roller shades, whether made to measure or standard, are made in Italy at our production site.

Why buy online?

You might say because it's easy, quick and safe, but that's not enough!
By purchasing Maanta products you are guaranteed an exterior roller blind at the best price because there are no third parties: from the manufacturer to the consumer!
You will also be able to rely on a complete choice of professional products, which can also be installed DIY. If, on the other hand, you are a beginner, we at Maanta are always available for any technical advice.

Did you know that...?

Excessive light can lead to the annoying glare phenomenon. This occurs when an area is significantly brighter than the surroundings, such as a lamp, spotlight, window. The adaptation of the eye to this variation in brightness causes a reduction in visual performance and the consequent increase in stress (of the ocular/nervous pathways).
An external roller blind can reduce the difference in light coming from a window or a screen and helps creating a more comfortable indoor environment

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