Kit wall mount Muscle x3 with traction booster

The Muscle x3 kit is the best wall anchor on the market because allows you to stretch any shade sail with great ease. The Muscle x3 wall anchoring kit includes Sturdy square steel plate (10x10cm), 2 D shackles, 1 pulley, 1 pulley with cam cleat, 4 meters of nautical rope It guarantees a very high tension to the sail for greater resistance to wind and...
£42.33 £48.66

Kit Anchor Wall Mountings With Tensioner SimplE
INOX o Galvanized Steel

SimplE wall anchor mounting kit with tensioner for shade sails. Includes 1 square plate in stainless or galvanized steel, 1 steel tensioner and 2 steel karabiners. Sturdy square plate in galvanized steel or stainless steel, M8 tensioner and two 60x6 carabiners Superior strength compared to competing products Well spaced and oversized holes to accommodate...
£27.35 £30.39

SimplE wall anchor kit for shade sails
nautical rope

SimplE wall anchor kit for shade sails. The kit includes: 1 robust square plate in galvanized or stainless steel, 3 mm thick with 4 well-sized holes 2 galvanized  or stainless steel karabiners 2 meters of nautical rope Perfect with threaded rods M10 x 12 cm
£27.35 £30.39

Muscle x3 Pole with traction booster

The Kit Muscle Pole x3 for poles includes T-nut (useful x Alu Simple) 1 male eyebolt   Nylon washer 2 D shackles Pulley Pulley with cam cleat 4 meters of nautical rope It guarantees a very high tension to the sail for greater resistance to wind and waterIt can be installed on our Ulisse and Alu Simple poles.
£32.83 £36.48

Rear bracing system

The Muscle x3 back tensioner is an accessory that will help to give additional stability to the Maanta shade sail poles.With this Muscle x3 kit it’s easy to provide strength and tension to counteract the frontal force of the sail tent.In this way we can increase stability and tension to the whole structure and make it more wind and rain resistant.The kit...
£27.35 £30.39

Easy Ballast
ballast base for shade sail poles

The Easy Ballast base is ideal for fixing our Ulisse and Alu-SimplE shade pole without having to create concrete plinths.The pole can be fixed directly on the Easy Ballast base.The Easy Ballast base must be filled with 50x50cm gravel slabs (not included but easily available on the market)
£332.10 £369.00


What are the advantages of wall mounting plates?

There are many different types of shade sail mounting plates, and we at Maanta have developed a product specifically to withstand the tension generated by our garden shade sails.
Although a sun sail may not appear to be heavy, there is an enormous pressure applied to each point under the pressure of wind and bad weather. With smaller plates there is a risk of breakage: here are the advantages of our products:

  • Robust plates for strong and sturdy anchoring.
    Dimensions: 10x10
    4 holes
    Thickness: 3mm
    Material: galvanised steel or stainless steel
  • The holes in the fixing plates are well spaced and oversized: they can be used with strong threaded rods up to 10mm. This ensures a strong and robust anchorage.
  • It is possible to adjust the distance between the sail and the anchor.
    Kit Wall Mount Muscle x3: 4 metres of nautical rope - adjustable distance up to 1.5m
    Kit Wall Mount SimplE with Stainless Steel Tensioner - adjustable distance up to 25cm
    Kit Wall Mount SimplE with 2m Nautical Rope - adjustable distance up to 0.75m
  • They are universal: they can be used with any Maanta sail.
  • Easy to install
  • Neat and clean design

Why is it important to choose the right fixings?

Correct sail tensioning is essential to achieve an impeccable aesthetic result and optimal performance in terms of resistance to wind, rain or hail.
Correct tensioning is one of the most important factors during installation and it affects the performance of the anchors and means of tensioning used.

What are the advantages of a well-tensioned shade sail?

  • better wind resistance (does not tear and does not damage the anchors)
  • no water sacks (waterproof sails)
  • less risk of tearing
  • longer durability of the sail and fixings
  • cleaner look
  • the fabric doesn’t get damaged
  • better drainage (even breathable shade sails drain a little water if properly tensioned)!

Our top tip for proper tensioning of a garden shade sail

Tension your patio shade sail as much as possible! Optimum tensioning can reach up to 60-70 kg on each corner. With our wall fixings and tensioners you are on the safe side.

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