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Car Parking Cover

Shade sails are ideal for covering car parks.

They provide shelter from hail and keep cars cool.

In addition, unlike a system of parasols or a pergola, a sun sail system can guarantee uninterrupted coolness thanks to the variable inclination of the sail.

Shade sail for gardens terraces and balconies

The idea of shade sails only on bars and restaurants is now gone.

Awnings are now a common element in all homes and gardens, they are practical, economical and give a touch of elegance and design .

Discover the ideas and solutions we propose for the installation of garden sails .

Sails For Outdoors

Outdoor sails, waterproof, breathable, motorised, roll-up, dozens of solutions to elegantly cover your outdoor space.

Discover the guide to choosing a Maanta outdoor sail.
The right solution is always tailored to your needs!

Shade sail for terraces

Do you have a terrace and want to create a shade cover?
Then consider the sails for terraces , a simple, affordable but sober and functional solution.

Stylish decoration without sacrificing comfort

Applications of a eyelet tarpaulin

An eyelet tarpaulin, equipped with metal rings along the edges, is widely used in a variety of contexts, from domestic to commercial. From covering pergolas or gazebos to protecting swimming pools or terraces, eyelet tarpaulin is a versatile tool that adapts to all needs.
Get inspired and discover the applications and ways to attach your eyelet tarpaulin.

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