Shade sail with wall profile

From the need to anchor one side of the sail to the wall of the house, Solaria Lean and Solaria +Plus Lean were born.

The aluminum profile attached to the entire side of the sail does not allow rainwater to pass between the sail and the wall.

Thus anchoring an entire side of the sail to an exterior wall provides complete protection from dripping and maximum comfort even in heavy rain.

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Protection from wind and rain

Solaria Lean and Solaria +Plus Lean

Specially designed for our sails, the aluminum wall profile features an anti-drip notch that allows the piece to adhere perfectly to the surface.

Together with the included soft gasket, the Lean system adheres even on rough walls. 

The anti-drip system together with the Lean profile and Purishade fabric result in Solaria Lean and Solaria +Plus Lean. Two shade sails for lean-to wall installation, ideal for protecting your outdoor furniture. 

With wind resistance up to 62 km/h and the ability to adapt to outdoor spaces up to 42 square meters in size, Solaria Lean and Solaria +Plus Lean offer a practical, reliable and designer solution for protecting outdoor spaces from rain and wind.

Maanta exclusive

Anti-drip profile gasket

The unique design of the profile and gasket developed by Maanta's R&D team allows the side of the sail to adhere perfectly to a wall and prevents rainwater infiltration. The synergy between the profile and the Purishade waterproof fabric prevents the dripping effect and ensures waterproofing and comfort.

  • Guaranteed waterproofness even in heavy rain
  • Complete adhesion between outer wall and sail shade
  • Aluminum profile with included gasket
  • Custom-made available with no extra charge
  • Unique design developed by the Maanta team

Wind resistance

Oversized profile with 7-millimeter slot

In addition to allowing the sail side to adhere perfectly to the wall, the wall profile also provides great strength. In fact, the attachment groove between sail and wall profile has been oversized compared to normal profiles on the market, this guarantees resistance to gusty wind up to 62 km/h. The connecting rod between the sail and the profile is 7 millimeters in diameter.

  • Resistance to winds up to 62 km/h
  • Oversized attachment hole (7 mm)
  • Unique design developed by the Maanta team


Long side up to 9 meters

Thanks to the quality of the materials and manufacturing process, the Lean solution is ideal for protecting large outdoor areas such as gardens, penthouses or terraces from rain and wind. In fact, the wall profile is suitable for sails with a long side of up to 9 meters, thus ensuring coverage of even very large spaces. 

  • Suitable for sails with long sides up to 9 meters long
  • Ideal for gardens, penthouses and terraces
  • Reliable protection from rain and wind


Uniform tensioning

Innovative horizontal fastening system on the wall profile allows even tension distribution on the entire side of the sail.

Perfect adhesion to the wall

The seal developed by the R&D department allows the side of the sail to adhere perfectly to an exterior wall and prevents rainwater infiltration.

Withstands winds up to 62 km/h

The choice of materials and profile with increased thickness ensure maximum performance and resistance to strong gusts of wind. 

Models Solaria Lean and Solaria +Plus Lean
Available sizes Standard and custom sizes via online configurator
Wall-side waterproofing Yes, with exclusive gasket included
Side tensioning Yes, via webbing and shackle
Wind resistance Up to 62 km/h
Material Aluminum 3 mm increased
Color Silver (unpainted aluminum)
Sail hole Oversized 7 mm
Included material Shackles and specific screws for attaching the sail to the wall profile
Not included material Anchoring accessories to secure the corners of the sail opposite the wall profile. Also not included are the screws needed to secure the profile to the wall.


Installing Solaria Lean or Solaria +Plus Lean is simple and requires no specialized labor or special equipment. Follow the instructions in the video tutorial or download the pdf guide. If you need further support, our technical department is at your disposal.

Data sheet, package contents, assembly guide and warranty.

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Solaria Lean and Solaria +Plus Lean are the solutions for those who need to protect their outdoor space from wind and rain and want to make full use of the space available. By leaning one side of the sail against the exterior wall, the annoying water leakage between sail and wall is avoided. 

The Lean solution, with a wall profile, can cover outdoor areas such as gardens of individual houses, condominium terraces or bar and restaurant patios. Given its great wind resistance, it is also suitable for climatically disadvantaged areas such as maritime areas or those that are particularly windy.

The synergy between the wall profile and the Purishade fabric make Lean solutions totally waterproof. This feature makes it suitable for protecting the furnishings of outdoor spaces and allows you to take advantage of your outdoor areas even in winter.

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