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Shade sail with wall profile

Design and functionality, that's the Maanta philosophy behind the straight-sided shade sail, which can be attached directly to the wall.
The "rain-out" technology eliminates annoying water drops between the sail and the wall.
Configure your sail online in minutes. Your sail will be custom made in just a few days!

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A common feature in shade sails is having the concave sides, this gives a major visual impact and a modern appearance.

For a "lean-to" installation on a house wall, it was particularly important to our development team to cover and protect as much area as possible.
This gave birth to the wall profile, i.e. an accessory that can be attached to house walls in combination with the sail and that allows the entire side of a sail to be fixed flush with the wall.

This is how the Maanta wall profile was born.

The advantages are not few, especially in terms of livability; in bad weather the sail does not allow rain to seep between the sail and the wall, providing greater comfort and livability.

Package contents and instructions

By configuring your sail with wall profile with our configurator you will receive:

 - the custom made shade sail with a straight side
 - the aluminium wall profile
 - the accessories needed to fix the sail to the wall profile (specific shackles and screws)

The anchoring accessories to fix the opposite corners of the sail to the wall profile are not included.
Furthermore, the screws necessary to fix the profile to the wall are not included. We recommend choosing screws with a diameter of 6mm and dowels suitable for the material of the support (wood, brick, concrete...).

Download the pdf instructions to know all the details about assembly!


The Maanta wall profile is not a commercially available standard profile, but was specially designed by our research and development team. Compared to the standard profiles, we have made small but essential improvements that make this profile ideal for intensive use with high-performance sun sails .
Its special design allows the side of the shade sail to fit perfectly against the wall. The 7mm aluminum profile is exceptionally robust and enables the shade sail to be evenly and tautly tensioned over the entire surface.

Excellence and performance are two company values that we bring to the making of every product, this is one of the many reasons why we chose an increased and reinforced wall profile, capable of withstanding winds up to 62 km/h.


All custom-size Saill and Solaria variants can be made with a wall profile side.

We have chosen to offer wall profile sails only for custom made products. This allows us to offer a product that is perfectly suited to your needs.

EasyShade model sails are not available with a wall profile.


This type of construction is routinely used on sail boats for better performance. The many cuts and seams allow better distribution of the force applied on the corners and will give us a better taut sail, which will fight the wind more efficiently, drain water better, and last longer.

  • Made in Italy
  • Radial cut allowing optimal distribution of tension
  • Structural rigidity
  • Endurance over time
  • Improved wind resistance
  • Digital and automatic stitching
  • First-rate components
  • Multilayer reinforcements
  • Wind resistance up to 62 km/h
  • Up to 42 m²
  • 4-year warranty

Configure Solaria


The same quality and premium materials as Solaria sails with a horizontal cut that provides unsurpassed value for money.

  • Made in Italy
  • Banded cross-cut
  • Digital and automatic stitching
  • First-rate components
  • Multi-layer reinforcement
  • Wind resistance up to 50 km/h
  • Up to 36 m²
  • 3-year warranty

Configure Saill


Configuring and making this type of sail is simple; there are two methods.

A) The first is to take measurements between the anchor points. Let's take an example: we have a perimeter wall of a house and we want to anchor one side of the sail to this wall. We take the measurements of this wall by marking it as side AB. Now we take the distance from B to anchor C and from anchor C to anchor A (in case of triangle) or to D in case of square, trapezoid and rectangle.

Enter the configurator at this link, and enter the measurements indicating that these are from the anchor points. The system will automatically calculate the straight wall-side and the length of the other sides between the anchor points. As a second tick, select that you want the version with a straight side.

B) The second method is to directly give the exact dimensions of the shade sail sides and not the anchor points. In this case, you must determine the necessary distance between the corners of the sail and the attachment points yourself. Please consider the distances required for the fastening and tensioning systems.

In either method, it is necessary to remember that AB will always be the straight side to be anchored to the wall.

More information on how to correctly determine the dimensions here.


Maanta wall profileStandard wall profile
MaterialAluminum 3 mm oversizedAluminum 2mm standard
Diameter wall profile7 mm extra strongStandard 5 mm
Wall side waterproofingYes
exclusive wall side design
Lateral tensioningYes
via webbing and shackle
Wind resistanceup to 62 km/hND
Configure online, click here

The Maanta Sails Catalogue - Waterproof Fabrics

Easy shade 2.0SaillSolaria
Fabric typePolyesterPurishade®
polypropylene (olefin)
polypropylene (olefin)
Sealed seamsYesYesYes
Wind resistance30-39 km/h40-50 km/h51-62 km/h
Wall profilenot availablecustom size availablecustom size available
Resistance to
Perceived freshness2/54/54/5
Mold resistance3/55/55/5
Abrasion resistance3/55/55/5
Tensile strenght3/54/55/5
Fabric cutHorizontal bandsIn bandsRadial
Warranty years ***234
 Discover EasyShadeDiscover SaillDiscover Solaria

* with correct application of tension 45 kg per corner

** with a minimum slope of 1 meter

*** warranty is recognized for products installed as per our guides and only on manufacturing defects

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