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Clutch bag from creative recycling

Clutch bag made with the creative recycling formula, two-tone with green, blue and orange details with top zip closure. With this small action, Maanta becomes part of the circular economy, where waste becomes a resource Available color combinations: Ivory and Cloud HDPE fabric Ivory and Graphite HDPE fabric Strictly hand-sewn with recycled material from...

Sea bag with creative recycling

Two-tone beach bag with orange inserts and green and blue details, comfortable fabric handles, top zip closure. This bag is made with the formula of creative recycling . using the production scraps of our sails. With this small action Maanta becomes part of the circular economy, where waste becomes a resource . Combination of HDPE Meshnet 320g...

Not just a company, but a Benefit Corporation

Our company is a small artisan reality, born from the commitment and dedication of two brothers, Andrea and Marco, who, with perseverance and will, have been able to establish themselves in the world of sail awnings and outdoor coverings, giving life not only to a simple company but to a Benefit Corporation.

But what does it mean?

Being a Benefit Corporation means orienting your company not only towards profit goals, but also towards sustainable goals towards all stakeholders.

Environmental commitment is constant at Maanta, and stems first and foremost from the choice of highly eco-friendly fabrics. But that's not all! In order to reduce pollution and environmental impact, Maanta uses the UPS Carbon Neutral shipping service to offset the carbon dioxide emissions linked to the transport of the shipment.

The aim is to carry out production activities with pollution prevention criteria and to reduce environmental impact. That is why we are always on the lookout for ideas, business projects and activities guided by principles of sustainability. This is how ReMaanta is born!

Why buy a ReMaanta product?
Thanks to the collaboration with external companies in the area, the ReMaanta project was born, whose main and unique goal is to reduce waste and environmental impact. With this we give a new life to our fabrics and create useful and elegant design accessories.

Our ReMaanta bags and clutches are made from the waste of our strongest fabrics.

  • The Meshnet 320g, an extremely strong braided virgin polyethylene, that we use for the production of our handmade Saill and SolariA sails. Selected for its perfect heat protection and wind resistance, it now becomes a practical clutch bag to hold all your accessories at sea and in the city.
  • The inner lining, on the other hand, is made from our Purishade® 270g, a highly environmentally friendly polypropylene fabric suitable for recycling. It is distinguished by its mechanical properties (tension and traction resistance) and balance between waterproofness and breathability. Classified with the lowest environmental impact index it becomes the perfect accessory keeping everything dry and safe.

Choosing a ReMaanta product does not only mean making a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. In fact, ReMaanta articles and gadgets are original gift ideas for you and your loved ones. You could surprise your loved ones with a unique, eco-friendly accessory, without sacrificing style and design.

An example? Our bags Itaca, strictly hand-sewn and made using the creative recycling formula, are highly resistant and fashionable! Perfect for summer and the beach. But that's not all! You'll also find accessories and gadgets for your home and garden!

Discover in this section all ReMaanta products, and join the creative recycling!

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