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Why are Maanta sails different?

The study of the lift, the Bernoulli law and the Venturi effect!

Before buying a product, whether on the web or in a shop, we try to understand the differences, the characteristics, in order to choose the best product for our needs. In this article we want to explain what lies behind the design of Maanta sails and why our products can be considered different. 

We leave it up to you to judge whether we can consider them the Best Shade Sails.

What is the lift and its study applied to shade sails?

Sails are not simply pieces of fabric cut into bands or triangles; the right shape is crucial to performance.

When we designed the system with straps, we analysed the main safety problem that wind causes. On a sail, whether it is a shading sail or a nautical sail, the lift is that effect that allows a sailing boat to move forward, or a shading sail to swell, tear and create serious damage. The lift is due to the pressure difference on the two faces of the sail.

By installing a shade sail, a laminar flow is created on the two sides of the sail, with the downwind side being faster than the upwind side, resulting in a depression downwind of the sail and greater pressure upwind.

“Commonly we can say that due to the principle of the lift  a sail is 'sucked in' downwind"

Daniel Bernoulli
Swiss mathematician and physicist

This phenomenon was first stated by the physicist Bernoulli, who said that in a moving fluid, velocity and pressure are inversely proportional. 

This law, which is exploited in the nautical sailing world to move quickly at sea, should be minimised in garden sails.If a sail is not properly tensioned, this effect will swell the belly of the sail, making it very dangerous.

Maanta sails are of nautical design and their installation must be done in a manner directly opposed to the design of boat sails. While in sailing it is necessary to harness the wind to move forward, we must minimise this force (the 'lift') to enable the sail to be stable and safe.

Saill and Solaria, Maanta's Made in Italy sails, can minimise this effect thanks to the adjustable straps (see instructions on how to tension the shade sail) which are used to tension the sail and flatten the belly (called 'sail fat' in nautical jargon).

The more tensioned our sail, the less lift effect it gets.

Saill and Solaria are the only shade sails on the market that can withstand the wind effect on the sail.

The Venturi effect in shading sails

Venturi was an Italian physicist who, in the early 1800s during some research into fluid mechanics, made some important statements. Venturi stated that a fluid moving inside a duct increases or decreases its pressure in relation to its velocity.

This effect comes into play when installing overlapping sails. Two sails placed on top of each other create an area where air can channel. If they are not positioned correctly and little space is left between one sail and the other (in addition to being damaged by the continuous rubbing between the two layers of fabric) the channelling of air will lead to the formation of the Venturi effect.

We know that due to Bernoulli's law, the wind above the sail runs at a higher speed (low pressure). If a second overlap sail were placed on top, it would increase the speed even more, risking tearing the top sail and its anchorages.

Giovanni Battista Venturi
Italian physicist

Architectural and design solutions

Shade sails are also becoming increasingly popular due to their aesthetic impact, creating elegant, modern design spaces (see installation for Renzo Piano)

They adapt to any location and, in addition to providing high degrees of safety when installed according to our instructions, they offer a striking visual effect, decorating and complementing your space.

A solution that both our customers and us like very much is the overlap of the sails.

Thereby, one can play with shapes and colours, creating a unique chill-out corner to suit everyone's needs.

Installation planning: easy and useful tips

All these principles can make installation seem complicated, creating all sorts of doubts. The reality is that we at Maanta have thought of a functional product while keeping it simple to install.

Maanta shade sails and accessories come in handy; installation is easy thanks to the video guides on the website and telephone support in several languages. Don't leave your installation to chance and enjoy your outdoor area!

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