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Simone lives in Rome and loves to play ping pong, especially outside when spring starts and the days warm up. She has an outdoor space where he could put her ping pong table, but the sun could be a problem! Also, the space to be covered is in such a location that putting in other structures would be redundant and take up valuable space. The style of the house would also be compromised: white and with stone details (like the floor of the space to be covered) the house and the entrance are in a classic style that also wants to be a bit cottage.  


Our solution? The Solaria premium breathable sail in Meshnet HDPE fabric, ivory color to match the house. Simone does not want to put poles or other structures on the floor, so he chooses a sail customized for him: the shape is trapezoidal to fit his outdoor area. In this way, the sail's anchorages are all on the wall: Simone used both the wall Muscle x3 kit with the force multiplier and the Simple kit with the tensioning rod and carabiners. 

Not having adjustable height poles can be limiting because you won't be able to move the sail according to the hours of sunlight to customize the shade area. Nevertheless, the end result is very beautiful: the Solaria is quite large and creates a huge shade area. Also, its trapezoid shape is reminiscent of a flying kite.

Simone did not have to install any large structures, in fact with the greatest simplicity of the Solaria shade sail he can practice his hobby without having to worry about the summer sun. Thank you, Simone, for sharing your beautiful installation with us. Congratulations!

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