Furler kit for Saill and Solaria
Furler kit for Saill and Solaria
Furler kit for Saill and Solaria
Furler kit for Saill and Solaria
Furler kit for Saill and Solaria
Furler kit for Saill and Solaria
Furler kit for Saill and Solaria

Furler kit for Saill and Solaria

The Furler Kit for Saill and Solaria was born from the need to quickly and safely transform our fixed shade sails into furling sails . The kit is complete with furler and conversion adapter kit for Saill and Solaria sails.

  • S-GRIPP technology (eliminates rope slipping)
  • Wide spool : reel with a larger diameter
  • Manual roll-up system (no maintenance)
  • DIY installation (no skilled labor)

The Furler is made of anodized aluminum, painted stainless steel finish, oversized bearings for greater fluidity of opening and closing.

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Have you bought a Saill or a Solaria and want to convert it into a furling sail?
The winder kit is the solution! Thanks to this kit you will be able to make your sail roll up on itself, converting the fixed installation into a furling installation.

The product's performance combined with ease of use allow opening and closing maneuvers in just a few minutes. The same can be said for the installation and commissioning operations which will be within everyone's reach.
The design of the furler is modern, essential and minimal. It is inspired by modern nautical furling but also by wide-ranging elements of furniture and objects.

The winder kit essentially consists of:
FURLER (winder):The nautical quality of the materials (aluminum and 316 stainless steel) combined with the unique design, means that this product sets a new standard in roller blinds.

ADAPTER KITS:Together with the furler you will be supplied with the new plate to ensure that the sail can be furled on itself. The adapters and webbing will allow the sail to furl diagonally, without risking the fabric tearing due to mechanical stress.

Data sheet

After the launch of our furling sail "Solaria Furl" we received many requests to convert the fixed sail into a furling one. The furler allows you to manually roll up the shade sails quickly and safely.

After analysis and months of testing, the Maanta crew has developed an accessory to make the furler compatible with Saill and Solaria sails. The Kit Furler furler for Saill and Solaria will allow your Saill or Solaria to furl on itself without having to make changes to the fabric of the sail.
Thanks to the additional diagonal tape and thanks to the tensioning system of the same, it is possible to guarantee a smooth and safe winding.

The kit includes all the components needed to transform the fixed sail into a furling one.
The Maanta furler is made of anodized aluminum and painted in a stainless steel finish, has oversized bearings to ensure the best smoothness even under load. Important detail since shade sails work horizontally and not vertically!
The conversion adapter kit, on the other hand, is made of 316 stainless steel. The diagonal webbing has a particular structure to withstand torsion stress.
Every detail has been taken care of and tested to guarantee functionality and durability over time

Furler kit for "Saill" and "Solaria"
Available sizes:
One size fits all
Total weight1.5kg
Compatible models
Compatible with: Saill and Solaria
NOT compatible with: EasyShade
Compatible shapes
Compatible with: square, rectangle, trapezoid, triangle
Material: Aluminum and Inox 316
Color: Anodized in blue and stainless steel
Material: Aluminum
Color: Stainless Steel
Hand-spliced nautical
Conversion adapter kit
AISI 316 stainless steel plates
Increased reinforcement strap white
Box sizes
1 box, maximum size 48x60x70 cm

Package contents

The Furler Kit for "Saill" and "Solaria" includes all the accessories necessary for furling the sail. This sales policy will allow you to have a complete product without strange surprises.
On this page you will find the items included.
The furling drum is the heart of the rolling system, using a hand-spliced line in Italy, which fits into the groove with S-GRIPP technology, allows you to turn causing the sail to roll up on itself.
Winder swivel
The swivel is installed on the opposite side of the furler. Thanks to the bearings, it allows the sail to furl without stressing the fabric.
Endless line
The line needed for furling the sail is looped, this allows you not to have tens of meters of rope outstretched.
The kit consists of two conversion plates to be fixed onto the corner plates of Saill and Solaria.
The screws and the strap (webbing) to be installed in the diagonal of the sail are included.

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