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Creating a dehors to be shared 

Lukas lives in southern Germany, near Munich. His house is white, with a clean and essential design, reminiscent of typical Bavarian architecture. On one of the exterior sides of the house, Lukas has installed a wooden platform that flanks the house and overlooks the garden. This space is ideal for enjoying the free time outside, eating out or partying with friends. The wooden platform has been furnished with a table, chairs and sofas and surrounded by beautiful flowerpots. These create a perimeter of enclosure and thus provide a feeling of privacy. Lukas wants this space to be like an outdoor room that he can use all the time.

Weathertech: TOTAL rain protection  
The protection needed is from both sun and rain.The cover should be light, stylish and above all it should give the impression of being outside in nature.
That's why our premium Weathertech fabric is the perfect choice: a fabric that is both breathable and waterproof, and also nature-friendly!

2 overlapping Solaria for a WOW effect!
Lukas has chosen a combination of 2 triangular Solaria sails to give a personal touch of design and deviate from the typical rectangle. In addition, a 6x7 meters sail would be much larger and therefore more difficult to tension. The colour chosen is white, like the house, to convey the idea of an extension of the house itself. In the photos we can see the beauty and style of the 2 overlapping white triangles. Solaria is the only sail with a radial cut: the sail consists of several stitches sewn together "in tile form" to optimise tension and the correct flow of water. The perfect geometry of the triangle, which is very reminiscent of a nautical sail, leaves you speechless: wow.

Installation in progress... STRONG anchors & VARIABLE height poles
Lukas has chosen to anchor his Solaria sails with:
-2 Muscle 3 wall anchors and 1 Simple wall anchor.
-3 Alu-Simple 75° base poles.
Starting with the larger triangle (7x7x7), Lukas has anchored 2 corners to the wall. The design remains simple and essential and the Muscle x3 brings once again the nautical style up to our mind. Also, being a force multiplier, it is the best anchor kit. So Lukas is certain that only the slightest effort is needed to tension his Solaria perfectly. The third angle is anchored to the Alu-Simple, whose anthracite colour contrasts with the white of the sail.
Thanks to the variable height of the pole, Lukas can place the third corner of the sail at a lower point thus ensuring the necessary slope for water drainage in case of rain. Moreover, the shade zone can be personalized only by changing the height of the anchor point!
Proceeding with the smaller triangle (6x6x6) Lukas anchored this time 2 corners to 2 Alu-Simple poles. All poles are installed on the cement surface below the wood platform and placed in alignment with each other. The third corner is fixed to the wall.

Classic black and white: always an effective contrast
Et voila! The result is very eye-catching. The combination of black and white guarantees a classic style: the sail is white like the house and the sofa, while the poles are anthracite like the surrounding vases, table and chairs. The wood of the floor matches the legs of the table and chairs and gives a Bavarian touch, as well as a touch of nature and therefore matches the plants and the garden.
Thank you, Lukas, for sharing this perfect dehors with us!

Products used:
2 x Solaria Sails - White - Weathertech - triangle 6x6x6 & triangle 7x7x7
3 x Alu-Simple Poles - Anthracite - 75° base
2 x Muscle x3 Pole
1 x Nautical rope Silver - 10m
1 x T-nut for Alu-Simple
1 x Rear bracing system - Silver

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