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Today we take you to the Sunlodge Camping in Cavallino Treporti.

As you can see from the photos, this campsite offers beautiful wooden cottages to stay in. To make the most of your holiday, they have thoughtfully created a balcony chill-out area with a table, so you can enjoy peaceful moments with your family.

The only problem was those large window openings at the front which allowed sunlight to come through, especially at sunset. Thus annoyed any dinners or social moments.

 Mark got in touch with us because he needed to create a versatile shaded area without affecting the view from indoors.

The best solution for his need is the Reef Roll roller shade combined with Braidd5® fabric.

The Reef Roll is definitely a good investment.

It allows campsite guests to adjust the height of the roller blind at will. Which means, they can enjoy a shady and sheltered area throughout the day. Installation is simple; just follow the instructions provided. In addition, you can choose different types of fabric to suit your needs. Thanks to the practical Easy Switch, all you need to do is replace the fabric and you have a roller blind for all seasons.

Braidd5® fabric, with its 5% fabric opening, is the best choice for Mark.

This type of fabric offers sun protection, privacy, and the outside view from indoors, thanks to the fabric's weave opening.

Mark is very pleased with their purchase and wanted to share the result with us by sending these photos.

We think that the Reef Roll drop-down blinds have enhanced the beauty of the mobile homes and, above all, have improved the guests' comfort.

Many thanks to the whole Sunlodge crew for making us part of their campsite!

List of purchased products:

      •   16 Reef Roll roller shades in combination with Braidd5® Cloud/White fabric

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