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SolariA waterproof
our best radial cut shade sail

Solaria is our best waterproof shade sail - made in Italy with a radial cut made from Purishade®, an innovative and environmentally friendly sail fabric. Optimal protection against UV rays (UPF50 +), rain, sun, and wind up to 62 km / h. The radial cut, invented in 1983 by sail designer Tom Schnackenberg, introduced a revolution in the manufacture of...

SolariA breathable
the best radial cut shade sail

Solaria is our best breathable shade sail, made in Italy with the very strong Meshnet® HDPE 320 g/sqm fabric. Its main features are - Radial cut - Meshnet HDPE fabric 320 grams - Digital stitching - Stainless steel ring plates - Made in Italy ..It optimally protects from UV rays, sun and wind up to 65 km / h.The radial cut invented in 1983 by sails...

Saill waterproof
high quality shade sail

"Saill", our high quality, waterproof shade sail is made in Italy with our exclusive Purishade®, an innovative and eco-friendly fabric. Its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Purishade® 270 gr / sqm - Digital and sealed stitching - Made in Italy ..It provides optimal protection from UV rays (UPF50 +), rain, sun and wind.Thanks to modern technologies,...

Saill breathable
high quality shade sail

"Saill" is Maanta's high quality breathable shade sail, made in Italy with the exclusive Meshnet® HDPE 320 gr / sqm fabric. Its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Meshnet HDPE fabric 320 gr / sqm - 316 stainless steel rings - Digital stitching - Made in Italy ..Saill is a very robust sun sail, made with the sturdy 320 grams per square meter HDPE...

EasyShade 2.0 Waterproof
Best value for money

This waterproof shade sail is entry level and offers the best value for money. Very easy to assemble, its main features are - Cross-cut (bands) - Polyester 160 gr / m2 - Drip-proof seams - 316 stainless steel rings.It provides optimal protection from sun, rain and wind. Thanks to the X-tension technology we are able to reach an optimal tension that avoids...

EasyShade Breathable
Shadow for the best prices

This shade sail is entry level and offers the best value for money. Very easy to assemble, its main features are - Cross-cut cut (bands) - Fabric 180 gr / sqm - Stainless steel rings ..EasyShade Breathable is an anti-wind and anti-hail shade sail thanks to the woven fabric, incredible tear resistance, resistance against mold and stains.Available in over...

Fabric samples
Saill and Solaria sail fabrics

Touch the innovative Maanta technical fabrics with your hand.Purishade® WaterproofThis revolutionary waterproof fabric for sun sails is the result of years of development and research.Purishade® is waterproof and at the same time breathable, resistant to traction and abrasion.The production is particularly environmentally friendly.Meshnet HDPE 320 against...

Why choose a square sail?

They can be used in any space: the square shape fits perfectly on balconies, verandas, gardens, pergolas but also terraces and balconies!

Square garden sails are a valid alternative to the classic wooden pergola, where it is often necessary to obtain permissions and authorisations.

They are practical: square sails  can be easily installed and removed if necessary. No authorisations or specialised skills are needed. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the exclusive fixings offered by Maanta: poles for shade sails or wall plates!

They can be combined: thanks to our poles and wall fixings, several sail canopies can be placed side by side to create a dynamic and eye-catching effect. This solution is also useful for covering large areas instead of creating a single sail which, especially in the waterproof version, would be difficult to tension.  

They are elegant: Maanta's shade sails will add an extra touch to your garden. Thanks to Maanta's unique design, you will have an airy and elegant designer cover. What's more, you can also tilt multiple corners to create a beautiful hut effect.

Which model to choose?

  • Easy Shade, our entry-level sail, excellent value for money. Available in two versions: waterproof and breathable. The waterproof sail is made of a 160 gram polyester fabric. The sealed, non-drip seams provide coverage from the rain! The breathable fabric is a strong HDPE (polyethylene) mesh of 180 grams per square metre, ideal for protection from heat and sun and ensuring extreme freshness! 
  • Saill: our premium sail! All the experience and quality of Made in Italy to offer an elegant and extremely functional product. Available in both waterproof and breathable versions.
  • SolariA: our top-of-the-range square sail. Maanta's most beautiful and resistant sail. Radial cut directly inspired by the nautical world for an elegant and resistant product.

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